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  1. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Yes, the ones in the photo are probably fake . This is one of my stash bought around a year ago from Mouser. Notice the stepped face the p/n is printed on.
  2. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Really wish to visit Taiwan one day. Beautiful culture, beautiful scenery and beautiful people.
  3. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Depends on where you try it. Are you feeling lucky today? Had choudofu in Benxi years ago on a dare. Benxi in North China is a 2nd Tier city and few foreigners are seen there. Had LOTS of gaping mouth stares, chuckles and finger pointing by the locals at the laowei sitting on the curb and slopping up the smelly dish. At our western breakfast buffet the next morning, the girl that dared me to eat the stinky tofu would not try bleu cheese. In Guangzhou there are common official reports of choudofu being made skipping the long fermenting process by being marinated in human feces to get that stinky smell. Bon appetite!
  4. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    I’d sooner buy choudofu from a street vendor than electronic parts from Taobao or Alibaba.
  5. The Return Of The Legend

    They are more like modern reissues, not in the same league as vintage WE300Bs. I bought a MP for $900 back in the 1990s when they first started remaking them. Several friends in The Oregon Triode Society were using 1940s-60s manufactured WE300Bs and the new ones were not comparable in side by side listening tests. Some folks attributed the SQ difference to the new tubes having a higher vacuum, but IDK. I ended up with some Chinese TJ Meshplates that sounded better in my amp and sold the WE300Bs. There is a lot better selection of 300B type tubes these days, better sounding than the new WE300Bs and at a much cheaper cost.
  6. The Headcase Stax thread

    Which “update”?
  7. The State of DACSES

    If the glitch is audible or not (making the DAC being perceived as good or bad) , the measurements show the DAC’s Engineering as incomplete. Whether by choice, neglect, or incompetence is up for grabs.
  8. Schiit Yggdrasil

    The turnaround for the upgrade took 16 days. As for the upgrade, from what I gather from other sites will take ~3 weeks powered up to fully settle in. Just like a fresh new Yggy. From first listen on my just turned on upgraded Yggy, I liked what I heard: Massive increase in plankton and the grey background now has a more teal tone to it. < Actually most things just sound “more right” now, and less synthetic or slightly irritating (from memory). For me a good sign. As a visual analogy, it’s like comparing a good flatscreen with factory presets and now after having it calibrated. Same TV but more dialed in. Subjectively moar better, I’m not going to try and qualify it further.
  9. Schiit Yggdrasil

    They requested the whole unit be sent back. Got a FedEx label with an RMA from them via email. They’ll pay for shipping both ways on repairs.
  10. Schiit Yggdrasil

    They bumped me to a new “B” serial number label on the back of the case, and attached the original S/N label on the work invoice. The back case had some scratches that I had put there so I knew that was original. When I was inside looking for the upgraded boards, I also saw where I had done some mods and had removed before sending back in. So the main body of the Yggy was my original. Just not the cover. I have a high regard for Mike Moffat’s designs, having owned a few over the years including one of his custom Citation IIs in the early 1990s. I figure he is pretty much well away from the day to day business operations at Schiit these days. His experience with digital with Theta is the only reason I bought into Schitt. Listening to the upgrade as I type, I feel it was worthwhile. The dinged up case and runaround, not so much . Since this Analog 2 upgrade clears up a lot of measured issues that came up from the Stereophile article, maybe Schitt should have named it “The John Atkinson Signature Upgrade”.
  11. Schiit Yggdrasil

    Receive my upgraded Yggy this afternoon. Opened the box up, and on top, the work invoice noted in big black writing: Left cover dented with scratches. Pulled the Yggy out of its plastic bag and sure enough, the front corner was whacked. I did not send it in that way. So, I pulled the cover to see if Schitt actually upgraded to the Analog v2 boards -they had. But I noticed that some internal scratches I had put in the original cover when I first opened up years ago were gone (used a putty knife to pry the ribbon cable connector and galled an inner edge on the soft aluminum cover). That was not on this cover. Seems they swapped covers with another person’s Yggy and then tried to cover their ass on the work invoice. So, wrote Schitt, got a new RMA and it ships back tomorrow for “repair”. Fucking ham fisted wankers...
  12. Speaker Porn

    Fugly, these are doing it for me in my small living room. Altec 890C Bolero with a modern CD horn and B&C compression driver on top, replacing the weenie stock tweeter horn. Crossover based on the Econowave projects online, which was originally based on the Altec 19 crossover. The bass is handled by the stock 10” woofer and passive radiator pair. The 406 10” woofer is really unique, with the same voice coil and massive ALNICO motor as the 12” Altec 414. Paper cone with a “curvilinear” profile, gives around a 96dB sensitivity and is cleanly crossed over at 2kHz. With a raw woofer measured Fs of 27Hz, the woofer/radiator easily extends to below low E, 41Hz in room. Sounds BIG like the Altec M19 with a similar old movie theater Technicolor sound, but with an extended and cleaner HF. Plenty of SPL for movies and music. But really fugly, definately not Porn-worthy.
  13. Speaker Porn

    That’s an easy mistake from that photo angle.They’re huge with a large front panel. Larger than an old Kenmore washer and dryer pair. And they are old.
  14. Speaker Porn

    These guys are freestanding, unlike contemporary Klipschorns or JBL Hartsfield corner horns. More like a compacted Voice Of The Theater for the home. Corner loaded speakers are cool.
  15. Speaker Porn

    Maybe not Speaker Porn these days, but back In the day these were pretty hawt. Altec Model 19. Woofer: 15” 416 , Mid/high compression driver: 802 , Sectoral horn: 811 Very efficient: rated 104dB @ 4 foot sensitivity. Sound great with single watt SETs, but will still take 175 watts continuous. Too large for my current living room, been stored in my garage for years. Fired them up today....my neighbors were not amused.