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  1. It's almost November and they still have not hit the street, as far as I know. I'm on "the list" and I have not heard a word except that I will hear from them when the LCdD-2 goes to market. I did not find them all that comfortable, but loved the sound.
  2. The ZDT is an output-transformer coupled SET. What is the typology of the original ZD and the ZD balancing act? If they have OPTs, they are under the case, or are they OTL's? I liked the ZDT a lot when I heard it with the Audeze headphones. But I at least partially (or maybe permanently) fixed my SP MPX3, thanks to help from people here and on the other site and decided to stay with it, until......? They sound very different and it sort of perplexes me that I should like them both so much. But, then, I have a custom SS headamp by Blue Circle Audio that I also like at least as much as the MPX3.
  3. I own them all and I think people's preferences are highly personal. Perhaps we can agree on what we hear 50% of the time, but preferences belong to the individual. I would say that the VT-99 combines a lot of detail with the subtleness of the NU grey glass. It is not in your face, but is very detailed. I would not call it dead neutral, like the 6SN7W. It may be slightly - ever so slightly, dark, but is relaxing and non fatiguing. The Tall bottle 7N7 sounds somewhere in between a Vt-99 and a Sylvania Bad Bay. It is a really smooth sound that disappears in a good way, but the Vt-99 has a subtle presence in a good way. But none of these are my favorite as a driver. That would have to be the lowly Raytheon Type 1. The T-S TSRP does nothing for me at all. I agree with all those that found the ZDT neutral, detailed, fast, but nice to listen to, esp on those Audeze headphones!
  4. I have heard the Vincent's. They are sold in town. Not too bad, but not my cup of tea.
  5. Well thanks everyone for the input. I do have one last question in case anyone has heard a 300B or any other DHT headphone amp. Did it have the same kind of "involving" sound that is typically associated with DHTs used in speaker amps? That's actually what I am looking for...in terms of sound. I know: more than $1000! Thanks to all.
  6. How about Oleo? If you can remember that, you were alive during WWII!
  7. Let's get back to the amp. I have an MPX3 Slam SE and have a ton of different tubes. I haven't had any problems, yet, and am working with other headfiers to identify any potential problems. One problem is that SP never made two of these the same way.... Hopefully, it will continue to work. I also have the MAD Ear+, which sits by my bed, and then there is the custom Blue Circle combination head amp and preamp that I have just updated with the latest opamp output stages (2 of them) and a large variable impedance capacitor pack that stores and smoothes the DC voltage from the seperate power supply. (There are 3 units in all). Evn though it does not have a discrete output stage, it is very quiet, very transparent, smooth and balanced, plus it has the BC "touch", but it only has one voice, as opposed to many, many MPX3 voices with all the tubes. Why would I want another amp? Well, I was thinking of giving the EAR+ to my stepson and I wanted a new tube amp, but I also wanted one that I could upgrade and which I could roll tubes with and which might use the 6SN7GT in some position (as I have many of these). So, the Trafo-matic is out. The sonnet is out. I don't care for the limited tube selection in the Woo 6 amps, and so on.....I still haven't found the amp I am looking for. But I thank everyone for their input so far.
  8. Thanks. Maybe Woo will come to RMAF and I will find out. I think the organizers over at xxx-fi are having trouble getting the CANJAM going.
  9. My how expressive you are. Did you learn this at community college; was it a trick your girlfriend taught you; or did you read about in Wiki? Just one question: will it feel better, if I us the HD800s?
  10. OK, I apologise if I offended you. My confusion was genuine at that point and straightened out by several posters.
  11. Yes that's what I meant. Does the SE model even have the signature 2A3 (or more generally DHT) signature? I have never heard a DHT in a head amp, but I see the Woo5 series gives one that option. I wrote Woo to get information about the OPTs, but was only told that they were hand-wound.
  12. No "fuck off" is an ever day phrase. Devil and hell are the two really bad ones. Relax, I mean you no harm. You guys do know a lot. Take pride in that. Get creative in your insults!
  13. Yes, they do and they are. I talked with him. I like these phones compared to, say, the HD650s which are much warmer than I like.
  14. After the first operation on my right ear, I nearly lost my hearing. Eventually, I convinced the doctor to do another operation and sure enough the old prosthesis had fallen out of its "hole". He intsalled a new prosthesis. I have them in both ears, and now my hearing is about equal in both ears. But during these in between years, i bought several amps with R-L volume controls.
  15. Because you are meant to know everything about every thing. Hell is a really really bad word in danish! Yes, Moon wires both drivers.
  16. I think my Black Dragon cables were made that way. Correct me if I am wrong.
  17. I picked up a small consulting contract in Montenegro....i think. Never been there before. Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, yes, but never Montenegro.
  18. " * 6DE7/6EW7 is a dual triode tube, consisting of one drive triode and one power triode. Its performance is similar to a combination of a 6SN7 and a 2A3." Quote from Woo audio. As in: a robin is like a duck?
  19. Dual entry? You mean balanced? I do not have a balanced output from my source or balanced inputs on any of my headamps. I do have dual channel volume control on all, of them because I have differential hearing loss.
  20. I have a custom made SS amp that i like a lot, and a MAD model and an MPX3 SE. I wanted to see what you guys recommended.....something new. I would really like an OPT coupled SET, but 300B, 45 or 2A3 would make it too expensive. I already have to worry about replacing two 300B WE in another amp. Source is Audio Note CD3.1 x/II CD player undergoing some surgery.
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