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  1. damn retractable tubes? is that the final frontier in audiophile tweaks? adds +500 to the microdyamix?
  2. Hrm any hot tips for good feet for the original kevin gilmore chassis?
  3. Oh yah I know. I'm an inveterate parts/gear hoarder so I want to keep some around just for the who knows what. And also in case they are used in other designs. I don't ever want to pay 6 dollars+ a piece if I had a chance to pay 3 dollars It seems like they will appreciate for sure so if I can afford it now. Also who knows what I might need to trade for in the future
  4. Nod, thanks spritzer. I may reach out in PM when I'm in a position to start really getting my shit together. Thanks in advance and hope Iceland is good My friends keep visiting and I keep trying to steer them to visiting your bakery
  5. Thanks Spritzer. Any advice on 2SA1486 or is bdent the spot? I'm probably going to hit the 200 quantity price break.
  6. I have 2 cases, 2 sets of original boards. Originally I planned on trading a kit to a builder to get mine built. It sounds like I should look to acquiring group buy boards or if you guys ever produce new boards please reach out Also talking to GeorgeP it sounds like besides transistors there are resistors and capacitors that are becoming hard to score too :/
  7. Will do, thanks for the advice. Is there any mention of what to look for in buying a meter in the thread or in other diy threads? Btw thanks for the pics you PM'd me early last year Haven't seen them until this week. I'm glad that it's living up to a decent purpose.
  8. Haha it's not started. No builder and I'm not sure I have the funds to source the rest of the parts currently. Just trying to slowly stock up in spades for the one day. Thanks for checking! Hope things are well. Im sure your system is pretty stellar these days. I barely listen to what I have :/
  9. Purk which mastering/release was is the best sounding for the Eva Cassidy album.. the blix street?
  10. Hi folks. Been awhile... deepak stoked the hunger for finally gathering some of the parts for the original boards that I have. I missed the boat with some parts that were being sold in the classifieds unfortunately, but I'm looking to buy parts from a guy who posted on head-fi. I understand there's no way to guarantee the parts are genuine based on a picture... but was wondering if anyone would be willing to comment if these look genuine. the guy says they were purchased from singapore in 2005
  11. Thanks for the info! Pretty crazy kit. Whoa Barbados? You got a place down there???
  12. Wow what an amazing event. Thanks for sharing the pictures are incredible. Couldn't imagine a pair that could appreciate such an event more!
  13. but it starts out black blessingx... i did some experimentation with freds and sous vide-ing it in butter and finishing it on the grill. first few attempts were over grilled or undergrilled but when i finally got it dialed in about 2 minutes per side on a super hot grill it was pretty insane. has the nice fred's crust but nearly melts in your mouth sous vide texture.
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