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    Current: Sony Qualias, AKG K1000s, AT AD2000, AT W5000, Audeze LCD-1, Audeze LCD-2, Mrspeakers Ether Carbon, Stax 007 mk1, Stax 007mk2
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    Current: Dynahi, Gilmore Balanced Reference, Eddie Current Balancing Act, Eddie Current Studio, Mjolnir Audio Mini-KGSS, DIY T2
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    Current: Spectral SDR-2000 Pro, Esoteric UX-1, Esoteric D70, Esoteric D-3, Parasound PDD1500, Parasound DAC1500, Parasound DAC1600HD, Assemblage DAC3, Assemblage DAC3.1, EMU 0404 usb Sold: Monarchy M24, Wavelength Cosine DAC 5.0, Parasound 2000 Ultra, Pico
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    Blue Jeans Cables, Nugget Audio RCAs, Hagusb

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  1. Happy birthday pars! Hope you are enjoying some dynafet
  2. condolences man 😕 that is rough news
  3. I thought your occupation was the same as mine: gear black hole 😜
  4. morphsci really IS an ecological geneticist! 😜
  5. Haha, all the exotics from that era are too delicate to chuck in a backpack 😜
  6. https://youtu.be/yhXd7YvCbgE Fiona Apple covering Sharon van Etten !
  7. Uh, this is a super old thread -- but for future reference in case anyone needs... I have a pdf version of the assemblage dac 3.1 manual which has schematics/parts layout and assembly instructions (From Chris Johnson). I took a look through it...the schematics might be too blurry (not very high rez pdf) but yeah PM me if this is something you need in the future.
  8. Weather Station's vocalists coat kinda makes me weak kneed whenever I see her in it 😜 Like if Issey Miyake did set design for a Blade Runner movie. Always down for a triple J cover.
  9. The dream of every person of middling height, that ladderless life.
  10. Oh shit, actually yes I probably should. I got a backup which is probably why I never did -- but the rubber o-ring fell apart so I had to throw it out 😜 So might be nice to have one, I just used a pot for a receptacle this time 😜
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