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  1. Well dang, that probably means I'll be sitting out this iteration myself. The printed solution looks interesting, then again I feel like Stax should be nailing this aspect so the wideheads don't potentially need to resort to DIY fixes. Appreciate the followup, guess I was confusing talking about flared rear edges when I could've simply referred to the wider side of the earcup as you were saying. I think I remember taking out the L300 cups and trying to reseat them so the tabs were on the outer side of the yokes and IIRC that didn't work at all. Too far rotated and the cups didn't go back in properly with that wider side grinding on the yokes 🤦‍♂️
  2. Thanks for mentioning this catscratch. For the MK2, is it still the case that the top of the earcup can't rotate fully past the yoke because of the little tab up there and the flared rear edge? I had a L300 years ago I got rid of right away because of those exact fit/seal issues and was hoping Stax would address it with a revision.
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