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  1. Speaking of not procedural generation, Prodeus is pretty great. Imagine if id went on making more Doom games instead of going 3d with Quake, or what a more modern sprite/3d hybrid would look like. There's some really stellar sprite work and general art work in Prodeus, and in terms of gameplay I like it quite a bit more than Doom 2016 (never played Eternal) - it's faster and more old school. My #1 pick for lo-fi indie shooters still goes to Dusk, but Prodeus is a firm #2 at at this point. Highly recommended. The boomer shooter market seems to be... booming. (i'll see myself out)
  2. I thought it might have been something like that. Thanks for doing the work to get the site back, I was checking every day for it.
  3. Happy birthday Senor Stax!
  4. Ok brain, riddle me this. When you grab a stainless steel pan straight out of the oven with a bare hand, what happens? What's that? You don't know? Ok, go right ahead. Now that I won't be playing games for a few days, I can reveal that I've been playing Deep Rock Galactic quite a bit with friends (and solo) and for the coop shooter crew it is definitely a game to check out. I haven't really played Killing Floor or Left for Dead or anything like this so I can't compare it to other coop shooters, but the mechanics are solid and definitely feel inspired by some of the old arcady shooters I u
  5. Think HD600 but with better detail, much better dynamics, more linear and extended bass, and elctrostat-like imaging, but at the same time slightly artificial tembre and peaky, somewhat piercing highs. I so badly want to like them but they're too fatiguing for me. But for someone less treble sensitive they should be perfect.
  6. Bloody shame. The HD650 is what I use 90% of the time. Would suck for that to go out of production. Did their earphones sell well? I never thought much of their earphone lineup and I wonder if that's more important right now than full size headphones. Were their noise cancelling headphones good? There was little innovation coming out of them over the last 10 years and the only models I was interested it were the older ones. I think a smaller, slimmer headphone division focused on the enthusiast and pro market would make sense, because competing with Apple and Beats in the consumer ma
  7. The Socas yokes angle inwards too. I'm not sure how much. The clamp is substantial and a little bit uncomfortable with glasses on, but more comfortable than the stock yokes. They still limit front to back rotation, as the tab that limits it is on the headband and you would have to redesign the headband to remove that. However the tab on the earcups that limits top to bottom rotation fits under the yokes, and the only thing that limits top to bottom rotation is the physical size of the earcup, which is wider than the yokes at its widest point. So you'd have to make much wider yokes to allo
  8. Best of luck to everybody. The wind wasn't as strong as advertised so fingers crossed it won't be destructive. My snowblower died two winters ago and I never bothered fixing it so... lots of digging today. But at least we had the sense to park one car closer to the end of the drive, so I didn't have to dig as much. Cheating ftw.
  9. About a foot and a half here in jersey. Not the worst since the power stayed on this time. Knock on wood...
  10. No. It's a standard mod sold by Socas3d, I'd email them about it if you want to print it yourself.
  11. No, or at least not yet. Hesitant to try more invasive mods. Haven't even port modded my 007 mk2 yet, though I probably will do that soon.
  12. Happy new year's. 2020 wasn't as rough for me as 2019 was, but not through lack of trying. Here's to hoping 2021 will be better. When in doubt, remember this drunken wisdom: the glass is neither half empty nor half full, it just needs to be topped up!
  13. So I went ahead and modded my L700 mk1. I'm generally pretty skeptical of Lambda mods, but my yoke broke on the left side and I fixed it with duck tape and a coat hanger, and mysteriously my coat hanger solution ended up being far more comfortable than the stock setup. So I got to wondering if there was a way to custom-make a better yoke, and lo and behold, someone else has already done it. These are 3d printed by Socas and they work pretty well. They allow for a wider range of motion for the earcup and they fix the problem of having too much pressure at the top of the earpad and not enou
  14. There are tons of let's plays all over youtube. CohhCarnage is generally a pretty good bet for long-form let's plays, and he tends to be more positive and mature than most streamers. The state of affairs was pretty predictable given the constant delays and all symptoms of development hell, but I don't really have a horse in this race as I've never been a huge fan of CDPR to begin with. But this game is definitely something I would be interested in, so I'll give it a shot... eventually. And I wouldn't write CDPR off just yet, a rocky launch followed by months or years of patches to eventua
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