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  1. Being a Very Stable Genius I went ahead and spilled mead on my 007t. It was off at the time and hasn't been powered on for a few months. I removed the top and bottom panels and cleaned off the PCB with some isopropyl alcohol. Most of the stuff didn't get through but there were a few stains. Now I'm letting it dry... is it safe to power up once it dries out or is there anything else I need to watch out for?
  2. I'm betting the logic was "well covid is a thing, people are wearing masks, and they're wearing headphones, if masks are here to stay why not combine them" and they did. Except rona panic has weaned and now it looks ridiculous. But maybe in some hyper-polluted cities this might find a buyer or two. Though maybe not at full price.
  3. Yeah, the YH5000, a headphone that measures like this: It's ok, for that much money, they can keep it.
  4. Yeah any headphone giant you plug in is gonna get killed.
  5. Given what I've heard of Topping's reliability, throwing high voltage into the mix doesn't sound like a great idea TBH.
  6. Oh hey, this thread. This is your bi-yearly reminder that this game exists and you should play it.
  7. There's nothing wrong with being a dissenting voice, just don't be a jerk about it. Also, it's important to realize that people can look at the same exact set of inputs as you do and come to a completely different conclusion. And there's nothing wrong with it either. Though they may not necessarily be right. I kinda have a love/hate relationship with the new 007, though it's more love and less hate. There are some things it does wrong, but mostly it does things right, and it's just a matter of how much the wrongs bother me and how well you can deal with them. The FR is a bit of a mess, too much upper treble and a pair of strong resonances in the midrange screw up midrange tone and treble tembre, and of course you have the usual 007 shenanigans, insanely hard to drive, wonky fit, too small headband, etc etc. So in my case I have to mod it to fit, EQ it, and do all sorts of stuff to it to make it sound like I want it to. At the end of the day though, it sounds pretty special, it's more natural sounding than anything else that has this level of detail, and it's way more resolving than anything that also sounds this natural. Is there stuff that's more natural or more detailed? Sure, but nothing has this combination of both. But I also haven't heard everything. The old 007 didn't require you to jump through as many hoops, and did all of this out of the box with no need for tweaking. It's a massive shame that it's out of production but what can you do. The question arises then: is it ok for a $2k headphone that needs many thousands in energizer fuel to require all of this? Well yes and no. Some of us are gonna do it anyway, and for us this will reach a higher peak level of sound quality than we can get elsewhere. So there clearly is a niche for it. But for others there may be better options. Anyway it's fine to like what you like, and it's fine to disagree, just don't be a dick to longstanding members cause we have itchy shovel fingers.
  8. Here's a long but VERY eye-opening twitter thread of what's going on that details one Russian paratrooper's account of his experiences. TL;DR the levels of corruption and incompetence in the Russian armed forces is simply staggering and defies any comprehension to people who are used to relative competence in western countries. And if you're wondering "how can Russia be losing with so much modern equipment, or have all of these capabilities that they don't use" etc etc... read this. Now take a look at the 600 foot yachts Russian oligarchs sail around on and ask yourself where that money came from, and then thank your lucky fucking stars that you live here and not there. I asked a Russian/Ukrainian friend what his take on all of this was, and he simply said "you know how some countries have a mafia? Now imagine if the mafia had a country." P.S. If you don't have a twitter account, just replace "twitter.com" with "nitter.net" in the url. Nitter is a free open source front end for twitter and while it's buggy, at least it won't require you to sign up or collect your data without asking.
  9. Missed the thread. Happy birthday, and here's to many more decades of waking and baking and high voltage experimentation!
  10. Dog hearing range is 40hz to 60khz, which means that electrostatic headphones are obviously the way to go. Doing it wrong imo.
  11. I firmly believe that if Putin authorizes the use of nukes, two things will happen: 1) He'll be dead within 15 minutes. 2) The order won't be carried out. The order to use nukes has been given in the USSR several times, by mistake. It was never carried out each time. There are - relatively - unknown Soviet military men to which we owe our lives. I don't see how this will be any different. They're not suicidal. The bigger worry is that, now that the Russians seem to be getting their shit together slightly, Ukraine will keep taking heavy casualties and eventually will be ground down into submission. Russia doesn't have forever to do this - they're also running out of manpower, taking heavy casualties and equipment losses, and the sanctions are about to paralyze many key industries. However Ukraine's early good fortunes seem to be turning for the worse. For now.
  12. I use the HD650 for 90% of my listening, basically all of my casual listening. For music listening, I use the L700 and SR-007, both modded. I went down the Focal route for a while and they were pretty nice, but too fatiguing, and in the end I preferred Stax. But I do like the lively Focal-ish sound, they just need to fix the highs on pretty much all of them.
  13. The L700 clamps a lot and there's not much you can do about that, at least that I'm aware of. Is it tighter around the temples than around the jaw? If the clamp is tight around the temples, you can try socas3d freedom yokes which will even out the clamping force... but they'll also increase clamp slightly, if anything. You can also do various pad mods by buying a spacer that lets you mount 3rd party pads, but once again, you're gonna probably see increased clamping force, and those pads might induce changes in FR you don't want. The 007 is much less clampy and way more comfortable, at least once you have it adjusted. No, the 353x won't be able to drive it properly. It'll be ok, but dull with not a lot of dynamics, and you really need more than that. I'd save up for a good amp and go the 007 route personally, but I also got adjusted to the L700s clamp over time, and I modded it with socas yokes, so now it fits well and is decently comfortable.
  14. $11k? So it's only 1/5th as good as the Hifiman Shangri-La? Please. What kind of plebs is this even for. I will take headphones that are 5 times as good as this, k thanks bye. It's twice as good as any Stax though... lol. The best Stax is what, less than $6k? Take that, Stax mafia.
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