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  1. Didn't realize they were SonarWorks and you were with them - nice! Would have looked up myself otherwise. Thanks for linking. I sanity check measurements too, by using a test tone generator to listen to the FR by ear. However that method is a bit flawed in that the brain adjusts incredibly quickly to gradual changes in volume, so it's mainly useful for hearing sudden peaks and dips, the rest you have to train yourself to hear. But it's better than nothing and faster too.
  2. RudeWolf - where are these measurements from? Do you know what system they were done on? And is there an HD650 measurement from that system? Thanks. Regarding pricing, I'd look for an open box special, which will often be well under $3k. These are still covered by the factory warranty. There are also lots of them floating around on the used market sometimes for under $2k but of course buying used is always a risk.
  3. I had an ESP950 and it had issues right from the start. I should probably send it back to get fixed but haven't gotten around to it. In either case, they don't have dust covers and I have a German Shepherd, and I really don't think that's gonna work out. But I do use the L700 fairly frequently.
  4. I also made the jump from the Clear to the Utopia. The Utopia is a little leaner and colder, has a few db less bass and a bit more treble but is still roughly within the boundaries of neutral. It is noticeably more resolving than the Clear, has a bigger stage especially when it comes to height and depth, and in the treble there is more 6khz peak but less 11khz peak. The microdynamics are also better on the Utopia, the Clear felt like it compressed things a little bit (though it had terrific slam) while the Utopia is more nuanced. I do think the Clear is better balanced and a bit better in terms of tone, but the Utopia is noticeably more resolving. At the end of the day, a fair price for the Utopia would have been around $2k and for the Clear around 1k, at least in terms of sound quality, so they're both quite overpriced to my ears but the Utopia does perform technically better overall. I will probably get rid of mine soon, though. It's fatiguing (the Clear was too) and I tend not to listen to it very much because of that. Granted, I haven't done any serious component swapping to try and find the perfect synergy, but I'd rather find a headphone I enjoy with no caveats and build on that. Well, I have one, it's called the HD650, but I want to find something that resolves at the flagship levels while having similar qualities. The Focals are close... but no cigar. I'm not sure what to replace it with though. The Audezes have the wrong FR and unit to unit variation, and I don't really feel like playing roulette with $4k headphones. The Raals are intriguing, but I've heard fatigue is an issue too. The Stax SR-007 just doesn't fit my head properly. The SR-009 very much has the wrong tuning. Hifimans... yeah... no. So I'm kinda stuck.
  5. We need wholesome content and what's more wholesome than a classy British gentleman restoring classic cars. One of my favorite new channels on the youtubes.
  6. I hope they change the freaking headband. The 007 Mk2 is one of the few headphones I straight up cannot wear. The self-adjusting headband strap is too tight and keeps pulling them out of place, and there is absolutely no articulation on the earcups at all, so they're never exactly right. Since the 007 is so fit dependent, I have to pretty much hold the earcups in place. Yeah, the 007 still sounds very good (modded, tweaked, etc) but if you can't use it, what use is it? Stax have a LOT of work ahead of them, and so far all we've seen is lackluster amps at twice the price they should be.
  7. catscratch

    Get your game on!

    As well you should be. There's a bit of a retro indie shooter kick going on right now. Dusk, Amid Evil, Ion Fury, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, probably a few more than I can't remember, all getting a decent amount of attention. I guess the success of Doom and Doom Eternal gave people hope that the old school shooter isn't completely dead. I hope Diabotical does the same thing for multiplayer, but not holding my breath for that one... Quake Champs failed, though that had more to do with it being a mess of a game rather than the genre being dead imo. But, you know... Bethesda. Sigh. On the note of Bethesda and Doom, I was having a pretty good time in the original Doom, playing on Nightmare. But a few days after I came back to it, I noticed that the game had reverted my save to the easiest difficulty for some reason and there was no way to set it back. It also marked my game as being in devmode and disabled achievements. Ok, I said, cool, let me reinstall the game and see what happens - same thing. Apparently there's some sort of anticheat for people who enable certain variables in console, and the game occasionally glitches out and thinks you're doing that when you're not. And they never bothered fixing it even though it was known about for 4 years. Fine, so be it Bethesda. I would have liked giving you 60 dollars for Doom Eternal, but, you know... I'll pass.
  8. catscratch

    Get your game on!

    Dusk is pretty great. I don't know why I never played through it when it came out, but I finally played it now. It starts off a bit like a Quake clone - a very slick and polished Quake clone but a clone nevertheless - but it doesn't stay that way. The feel of the game really changes as you get further into it, and it feels more inspired by the atmosphere of immersive sims like Thief and System Shock, and occasionally horror games like Amnesia. The level design has clearly learned some tricks from Half Life and Portal, and plays with verticality and sense of scale quite a lot. Above it all, the game feels almost like an exercise in narration that uses old-school FPS mechanics but is much more about what it makes you feel. Considering that the developer has a history of making atmospheric horror games, I'm not surprised. Don't let the low-fi primitive graphics fool you, there is nothing primitive about this game. Oh, and of course it has a movement system. Simplified, not quite full-on Quakeworld/CPM but at least it's there. Highly recommended.
  9. How difficult are these to drive? Would they work fine out of your average Stax amp like a 007t or do you need to go big boy aftermarket for these?
  10. Sorry, I read Voltron's first post, but not his second. I was reacting to that alone. If we're gonna talk politics, you can chalk me up for thinking both of them are horrible. I used to be a Democrat, but the party's recent behavior has made me question that. At the same time, my values haven't changed - even though a lot of the party's values clearly have - and I'm not a Republican either. So I'm politically homeless, more or less. But I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the mainstream media's handling of the political landscape even more than I am by the behavior of either party. I get why, confirmation bias sells and in the modern media landscape everybody with a smartphone is now a pundit, so they have to go with what works in getting any signal heard above the noise. But the whole ecosystem is extraordinarily destructive, runaway trains operating on their own momentum with nobody at the helm, and nobody to look out for who and what gets run over on the way to nobody knows where. I don't know what I'll do in November. But Knucks has been doing a great job curating his posts and they're one of the few things I look forward to in my day. Not asking him to change a thing.
  11. I'd rather Knucks posted whatever he wanted, regardless of whom it helps or hurts politically. Yes, some of the political stuff irritates me, but I don't think what's posted in this thread will sway a voter one way or another and it's relevance is only to make us laugh. Posting anti-Biden memes here will have no bearing on the election whatsoever.
  12. The market is probably football players and execs that want something shiny on their desk. I wonder if it uses the same underperforming driver tech that the Sonoma Model 1 used? I'd like to see distortion measurements at 100db.
  13. Been following this one closely. Right now there are reports of the headband lacking enough extension for us coneheads so I'm waiting for them to update it, which they said they would. There also have been some reviews of them with preliminary measurements, worth a look though as always, well salted. The question, of course, is do I actually need them, and are they any better than what I have already.
  14. Thanks! Yes, MiniDSP Ears is notoriously unreliable in the highs, and HPN comp doesn't really line up with what I hear either. But they're still useful as a comparative tool. Is the dip at 5khz really there or just a measurement artifact?
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