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  1. This guy and the Dynalo mk2 are basically the same amplifier design, correcto?
  2. Sennheiser HE-1

    At least until the bass dropped. If I were a billionaire I’d probably get one just to listen to Drake and Kendrick Lamar. I’d probably up the wank factor to 11 with a little gold in there as well. The Sennheiser guy did tell me an Asian customer ordered one with precious metal details for another 50k. Brought the total to a 100k. Wank wank.
  3. Sennheiser HE-1

    Agreed, bright isn't the word I'd use to describe the HE-1 either. "Soulless" kept going through my head though. Simple language like "dull" and "boring" would also qualify. *Yawn*
  4. I never found my 800s sensitive to position at all. One of the least position-sensitive cans I’ve owned. (Tylls measurements confirm this)
  5. Yeah I got that Just had to you know.....
  6. Alrightie then. Pretty impressive if so. (Not that I’m a fan of the 009, but that’s another story he he...)
  7. Hm. I disagree, back when I had the 800 I tried loads of amps to get them right but I just dont like the headphone. Its not natural sounding and cant reach the low bass. If you force it you get distorsion so its always a compromise. The Leben CS300 tube amp was kind of a fun pairing but hardly a purist approach
  8. Yeah I really like that about them. They do not need a big, heavy amp which is a huge thing for me as I grew tired of being locked to my desktop listening to the STAX. I can just use my Mojo with them, best portable DAC/amplifier I know of with shit tons of volume to spare with the relatively easy to drive Utopias. Connected to my iPad Pro with Tidal and an app to play High res FLACs. Much prefer that chain to DAPs as those are always slow and laggy with awful displays for some reason. Must say though that I am surprised you think that way about the HD 800, I owned it and I am not a fan of that headphone at all. Lacklustre bass and thin, distant uninspiring sound. A tube amplifier does help for tone but it certainly doesnt match the technically superior Focal driver to my ears.
  9. I pulled the trigger and bought one. New toy and all, but man I’m really loving the sound of this thing. Finally a not-fucking-around, dead serious ultra High-end dynamic driver headphone that isn’t cheaply built and/or uncomfortable. This is how an expensive headphone should look and feel on and off your head. I know a LOT of effort went into that Beryllium driver, but its shocking to me just how smoothly, accurately and realistically it can convey every little harmonic and dynamic swing of an orchestra, from deep bass to the highest of highs. I’d even go as far as saying I’ve never heard treble so smoothly extended and cleanly and naturally textured from any transducer that I can remember. The 007s might have the ultimate upper hand on the mids and deep-bass (altough this is, amazingly, definitely no slouch) but on dynamics, treble coherency and ultimate resolve I rank the Utopia as a superior performer personally. A fine recording of Verdi’s Requiem Dies Irae popped up earlier and the dynamics actually scared the crap out of me, while every little component in the recording was kept clear as day and separated in a free floating three dimensional space. The sound isn’t thin or lean at all, it’s lively, powerful and authorative and ready to fight should it be called upon to do so. This is the best dynamic driver headphone in the world to my ears and, all things considered, somewhat deserving of its high price relative to cheaply built crap a la Hifiman and Abyss. I’m just blown away by its capabilities, and it achieves this driven from a Chord Mojo should you want to stay ”portable” with something like just an iPad and Tidal HiFi.
  10. Sennheiser HE-1

    Didn’t check for it I’m afraid, but it’s very possibly the same. The Sennheiser spokesman did say this set is moving around the northen contries.
  11. Sennheiser HE-1

    I agree on many of your impressions on this. I also had a lengthy listen recently in a quiet environment. Took some eye-candy photos as well. The build quality, fit and finish of it all is top notch naturally. The marble case really is nice. Tried lifting it, succeeded just barely. This fucker is 25 kilos! Nice hefty metal remote included in the set. No issues with comfort here, the headphones felt light to me and the headband is HD 800 style but with more padding so no stress on the top of my head. The sound is very articulate but definitely felt a little stiff and sterile to me. I much prefer the warmer, more I guess “euphonic” tone of the SR007 which just makes vocals sound more alive and present. The bass surprised me though, the HE1 has tremendous bass impact and extension. It just begs to be turned up as the large drivers almost vibrate your skull but without a single trace of resonance.
  12. Mr Speakers Aeon

    Very well.
  13. Mr Speakers Aeon

    I love mine. Don't know about the earlier pre-production models but the one I have exhibits only a slight "closed chamber" soundstage, what I mean by that is that you will immediately notice you're listening to a closed headphone if you came from living with a great open one like I did, or you compare side by side. It is, imho, not distracting once you get used to it. That is a huge praise for a closed can, as I've never heard one I even really liked before. But just like Tyll put it, with the foam inserts these are darn well balanced with controlled bass and no immediate annoyances anywhere even as you go up in the treble. Just a very nice, "right" sounding headphone that also happens to be really solid and lighweight. It doesn't resolve quite like my STAX but because it isolates well, it brings out details in low-level ambient noise that would easily be obscured with the STAX. It's nice to sit on the balcony in the summer and get some sweet tunes. Not that we get much of summer in Sweden...
  14. Mr Speakers Ether/Ether-C

    Gotta say, don't know about the open-back ones but the Aeons are pretty darn good. I didn't know a closed-back headphone could sound so not-closed back.