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  1. Looking forward to Clarksons farm season 2
  2. My CRBN headphones arrived yesterday and I have noticed that I am getting the e-stat fart(crackling) , quite a lot louder in the right ear than the left even when adjusting on the head. I have told the dealer about it, he said to run them over the weekend and see if they settle. I know Spritzer had to send a pair back for this as well as Tammerdown . Even though these are brand new from my dealer I have noticed that the cert of authenticity date is 11-1-2021 which I guess as it a U.S. company is 1st of Nov 2021 which I am surprised at being around 12months ago, even though I am based in U.K., not sure how long they have been held at U.K. importer . I assume things didn't improve for you which is why they went back but I wonder if anyone else had this and it improved over short time.
  3. I don’t know, it doesn’t mention his name .
  4. Where does the time go, bought this 47 years ago.
  5. Bought this back in ‘77 when it was released, heard Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten on BBC radio 3 and had to buy it.Usual top quality ECM pressing and recording
  6. I have a pair of CRBN coming next week, I use Roon for non L.P. playback which has a DSP pre-set provided by Audeze for the CRBN, will be interested to see how much difference it makes compared to it flat . Not sure how many of you on here use Roon and have already tried it.
  7. Bought this last week on release day, it is better than the original mix Imo.
  8. Those RK27 seem to be turning up in a lot of expensive amps . I am happy with my BHSE so was just curious. lmao just had a look at that link you put @spritzer, I wonder where they rested their white stick while building that mess.
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