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    Music, motorcycling.
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    SR 009. SR 007mk2
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    BHSE & SRM 717
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    Revox PR99 R2R, Nak Cassette,SME 20/2 V Arm, Lyra kleos, Roon Nucleus +,T+A PDP3000HV CD/SACD Player/DAC.,Naim NAT02 Tuner.
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    T+A PA3000HV amp. MBL 116F. Speakers REL S/812

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  1. roll up, roll up, buy an expensive empty box.. https://shop.mcintoshlabs.com/products/lb200-light-box
  2. @Kung, impressive work, looks quite time consuming to do in both carrying out the repair and sourcing materials , was it just to do a repair on a faulty pair you had or are you maybe thinking of doing this for others as well?
  3. https://i.imgur.com/b8e9ibi.png
  4. My Revox PR99 playing an STS tape.
  5. If you like Tori Amos/Kate Bush then you will more than likely like this
  6. This album is growing on me.
  7. it came from apple id thing, it may be bullshit but I changed it just in case. so it wasn't really you in the beastiality thread 😲
  8. Just to alert others of this as I have an alert set up for any data breach of all my accounts. I had a message that there was a possible data breach for my head case password so have changed it
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