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  1. Kevin, could you add the GG schematic here? thx
  2. using the nylon screws with 10m90s。 if you use the iron one,BOOM will come up。 and also to check lm7815 lm7915 in right place.
  3. Yes.if we order at least 10pics,it can be a low price.
  4. i have ordered 4 X 20B-V4 for GG. Does anyone want to buy it ? Maybe a Group buy can get nice price.
  5. AWSOME! it seems that can use the KGSSHV-PSU( 450v ver) , carbon-PSU and BH-PSU. i can`t wait to be the first one to build it.
  6. i will take photos later all the BOM from MOUSER normal with RK27 QUAD RK50 quad will take more 660$
  7. OK.... here is what i made effort to work and finally it finished. if someone is interested in,let me know(PM). i even have a lovely PINK MEGATRON
  8. Uploading : that is the vcap version MEGATRON with RK50 what i am working for. the original PCB is`t have much space for the V-CAP so spritzer`s version(see before) must be a better. Oops.i forget to make a report about the Beijing party. here are one conclusion: to AB with BHSE. MEGATRON is BHSE level questionless or even more higher. some pictures about party:
  9. joining us and you can take everyhing you want... if you do not afraid of the extreme air pollution in Beijing (just a joke)
  10. i have sent MEGATRON to Beijing with SR-009 and SR-OMEGA for a big flagships party. And the He1000 ,Abyss 1266 ,Jade(Winny will come) , SR-009 , SR-OMEGA has already for the PK. My friend in Beijing has a BHSE,and he is waiting to do AB test between MEGATRON and BHSE.
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