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  1. Thanks. I didn’t realize they had the info in English.
  2. Two new amps have just been announced: https://stax.co.jp/products/srm-700t/ https://stax.co.jp/products/srm-700s/
  3. Santa came much earlier this year!!! Thank you so much, Kerr.. I mean, Santa! ?
  4. I believe nobody has ever bid, so it gets announced again.
  5. Speaking of which, the first Omegas ever (supposedly serial #1) are now for sale: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g324619523
  6. When I visited their factory last year, they told me about their attempts to recreate the old Omega's sonic qualities and how difficult it is. Hopefully we will see positive results of their efforts in the near future.
  7. From their (Stax) own perception. Mr. Sasaki said that they wanted to fix some problems of the 009, and then said something like “not exactly problems, but we wanted to improve it”. In several announcements they wrote that they wanted to do things they had left behind (pending issues) when the 009 was released. Maybe Stax is suffering from upgraditis.
  8. Even though I'm not exactly familiar with the 007, I'd say yes. And yes for the second question too - I think it has actually improved in resolution. I thought the same about the BHSE pairing.
  9. I have compared the 009 and 009S running from the same amp (T8000) today. The room was somewhat quiet, but I had only two source options: my iPhone (connected through Apple's lightning adapter directly to the T8000) or their CD player with their own music. Even though the listening conditions weren't ideal, I could make a rough comparison. The 009S had a more evident bass, a fuller body and overall sounded more natural IMO. The treble on the 009 (at least out of the T8000) is a little bit annoying for me, and the 009S had this fixed (phew!). I thought it was a bit more resolving too.
  10. They are really small. I’ve visited their factory last year. It’s tiny. And they said that only 2 of their employees have the experience and skills to handle SR-009 drivers.
  11. Could anyone clarify why the new sennheiser thing's connector has 8 pins?
  12. lol that's funny! I do associate the members with their gears too I'm the guy on the dark blue t-shirt, standing and taking pics with a cell phone in one of the last photos.
  13. Thanks for opening this thread, Leo! Good job! I couldn't even dream of a meet like this in Brazil a few years ago. Audiophiles over here have got deeper and deeper into the headphone world and our hobby has expanded like it never did before. It's a great pleasure for me to watch all of this happening. Moreover, I'm really happy to meet the friends - and I mean REAL friends - who I can share my passion to headphones with. I hope this has been the first of MANY great meets to come. We will certainly have better and better gear and experience to share!
  14. Where do you know Utada from??
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