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  1. Cool. That seems reasonable. Thanks!
  2. I need to laminate some things together and it’s not possible to clamp them. I want to just screw them together and later use the hole from the screw as a guide for a forstner bit. I am using West System 105 and 207 epoxy. My question is, will I be able to back out the screws? I assume so but if not that would be a huge fail.
  3. That might actually work… if you have a spare bedroom to use as a speaker enclosure
  4. Don’t worry, Ebony is always superior over plastics.
  5. No takers on Team OutdoorFi? First steps done today:
  6. Pre-Test - all is looking good, though all my suitable thermometers are broken..
  7. Related question, anyone used stuff from fiber command? It seems pretty much perfect solution for a few things I need https://shop.fibercommand.com The Bluesound PowerNode Edge might be interesting https://www.bluesound.com/products/powernode-edge/
  8. This seems to belong here… working on an outdoor system and looking for something that will accept hdmi and do (at least) Dolby 2.1… and fit nicely in a plastic box. The Sonos Amp seems to be the only choice out there and Altelix seems to be catering toward that with this: https://altelix.com/altelix-enclosure-for-sonos-amp-apple-tv-amazon-echo-link-amp/ First question, are there other options (even DIY) that would work? Seems like a simple board out there would accomplish this much cheaper than Sonos. Second question, I need another box because most outdoor subs seem to be unpowered. For that I am thinking DIY in the same enclosure as above with a Mean Well 48V supply (assuming I can get enough current and shove it the same box) and this https://www.parts-express.com/Sure-AA-AB32191-2x300W-TAS5630-Class-D-Amplifier-Board-320-309 Other options? Maybe just another Sonos Amp? Not sure..
  9. Yeah active customs would be ideal. I might be missing someone that offers them?
  10. Nice! They look a bit bulky though. Looking for something a bit smaller for sporting clays, unless you think they might not get in the way?
  11. I really like my Pace ST 115. I guess replaced by the ST 125 but all the parts and consumables are compatible and easily available.
  12. Do y’all still like the JH13s (er whatever they are called) with removal filter for ear protection? Makes sense.
  13. I got back into playing turn-based Go. If you interested in playing, I am on OGS now.
  14. I have that reel - the hose still seems to get kinked in unimaginable ways (NTTIAWWT)
  15. Wait, 20’ x 6” boards? How much do each of those weigh?
  16. Is a nutria the same thing as a beaver?
  17. That’s an interesting idea! I think the best option is to get all the drains working right in the first place. one more done, with some concrete so the wood doesn’t rot out.
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