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  1. You could use a low profile socket head bolt / wafer head instead of a typical angled - I think FPE also has presets for a larger angle countersink (which exists for this reason) but make sure you can find the fastener before you order the panel l.
  2. M6 should be fine for that - I would reach for a 1/4” screw on instinct so that checks out.
  3. Do ya’ll think the Dremel (Moto) scroll saw would work okay on 1/4” thick aluminum? The manual says 20ga is recommended thickness… so I am guessing not… I am not sure what might be good for this - I need to cut a curved shape in the end of a piece of aluminum.
  4. The rest of the post wasn’t as enticing?
  5. After some lube experimentation (stock is some standard lithium grease), Billy the Kid! Ride em Cowboy!
  6. I seem to love the meta hobby work - probably a bit too much. I have learned that about myself over the years and it’s something I can’t seem to undo..
  7. Wait wat? maybe at least JCF Bach?
  8. Here are two other good local Austin options: https://wildgiftcoffee.com/ https://greatergoodsroasting.com/
  9. I wonder if you can still get the bottle deposit refund .. I have a bunch of them.
  10. I like it! Nice to see all the security features too.
  11. Pretty pricy! I use 3M Marine Paste wax - smells nice too!
  12. Or maybe just a jet and an out building in AR
  13. I would measure the temperature of the PCB and the free air around the output stage in both configurations…
  14. I did some wiring clean-up on this side of my server… now just need to do the other side!
  15. New speed monitor (tach) installed but still having issues with other light sources causing it not work (incandescent bulbs in the ceiling) 😤 I guess either I need more infrared light or a ir pass filter?
  16. I could probably do that pretty easily! I would need some pretty steady hands though
  17. .. and updated version of my optical speed controller sensor! The original sensor I was using was a victim to pandemic stock levels and I wasn’t happy with the IR filter used. This version also was designed to fit into half of a small enclosure - I would put a sticker or label over the trimmer in the end (or use fixed resistors) but needed to have it available to prototype the comparator sensitivity. I will probably glue dot it to the plinth, no components are soldered to the bottom of the board. I did spec out a actual jack on the board, but having issues finding a mini stereo connector that is more or less the same diameter as the barrel, ensuring it doesn’t stick out below the enclosure - not sure if anyone has a recommendation there. In fact a male-female extension cable that is low profile would work just fine too IMG_0038.MOV
  18. honestly though, anyone know what commercial speakers they might be used in?
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