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  1. Yeah same for my movie room furniture - made concessions in fabric so I would be able to order something “in stock” and then as soon as I ordered it went into backorder. No change 6 months later.
  2. The LoCo also requires an electrical outlet. That’s probably a minus for my particular use. That puts me back to the Blackstone with Air Fryer (which is a bit different as at least the grill works without power)
  3. I looked at the Pit Boss - love the lift off feature but not sold on the ceramic non-stick coating. The LoCo is a good option especially if the temp control works. If not, unsure it’s worth the cost over a Blackstone.
  4. I am in the market for a flat top grill - just cooking breakfast tacos alone at the lake for family makes it worth it for me my Father’s Day hints didn’t work out though, so a more direct approach might be needed.
  5. Savage Steve, savage. $7.2M dollars seems quite the deal, surely Texas could have swung it themselves?
  6. That’s fair. Florida seems to have it figured out though. I would rather have an income tax than property tax. The latter gets upped with no cap and I get to pay it until I am in the grave.
  7. Wait, what about the Telarc SACD releases? Have you actually compared those versions to your own LP rip?
  8. No I traded it! It was the “free” part of the holiday sale.
  9. Congrats! 🍾 Can we get those tax rates in Texas?
  10. Ok, returned the red impact driver and looked at the turquoise one but got the red screwdriver. Then left the orange store and went to the blue store to get the bit. Still overheats but works much better. Can get about 8 holes in before it’s too hot.
  11. I can’t find a 1” auger with 1/4” shank though. It’s going pretty well with the Diabolo bits. The impact driver won’t stay cool though, it’s insanely hot.
  12. The rental options this weekend were pretty much only a Makita SDS hammer drill and I wasn’t sure they would have a wood bit or if even such a thing exists, so I decided to try this: the battery life seems great but the tool seems to overheat way before the battery runs out. It was 100F outside, maybe that’s the issue? Hm.
  13. My war against cedar is wrapping up and now all is left the ones where the stump grinder couldn’t easily access them. I have a Porter Cable impact driver and corded Ryobi 3/4 HP drill and having issues with a 1” spade bit to cut the holes to put potassium nitrate in them. Should I just rent something bigger that’s corded, or is there a suitable cordless option? I probably have 7-8 left out of the original 29. They probably need 4 holes each (12”-18” stumps) and a vent hole for if/when I need to burn them out.
  14. Have you tried the ATH-R70x? Not sure how that would be described if the adx5000 is a steal… maybe freebie of the century?
  15. Why do people underestimate the importance of a nice rear view?
  16. I would probably build a open baffle speaker with a full ranger with an integrated h-frame or dipole sub. I have been wanting to try something called a slot load as well: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/diy/0911/slot_loaded_open_baffle_speaker.htm
  17. Cool. I would love to try that out on a speaker build!
  18. A box with some dirt in it Pre box, pre dirt
  19. Could you just press fit a ball bearing into the rear of the panel?
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