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    Which Cooking Are You?

    Perhaps a new thread that focuses on cooking and recipes would be nice. Here's what I cooked tonite. I haven't perfected the recipe, but a stew in my new Dutch oven: ... and for tomorrow night, a chicken marinade that's hanging out in the fridge:
  2. luvdunhill

    What are you smoking right now?

    2009 Lusi. Would smoke again. Will smoke again.
  3. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    I believe the old thread is gone, so starting a new one. A retrofitted power supply for a JDM Esoteric SACD player
  4. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Here is my current dart setup. I am getting a second set repointed as we speak. Datadart Orion Ringed 22g Target Storm points smooth gold 30mm Cosmo Fit Shaft Gear (Size 1, clear, slim) Cosmo Air Standard flights clear black.
  5. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Not a pretty one, but:
  6. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    I 3d printed a mount for a 1 gen iPad mini and after about 4 downloads, finally found an app that works well with iOS 9 and in portrait mode.
  7. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

  8. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    I am guessing that’s why the prices in the G3 seem to vary so much. Anyways, in my 10 minutes of free time today, I installed one: Just remember that the Rotafix will move the board out from the wall a bit, so you will need to adjust your oche line. I now understand why the ring lights are a thing - shadows. I installed a pair of these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07B4G4JNH?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_pd_title ... and basically the shadows are pretty distracting. I can provide a night time picture later
  9. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Here is where we are at now. My second G3 didn’t include a Rotafix Mount! I guess some do and some don’t? I ordered a second one (with some expensive flight systems and micro-length stems). Curious how long this will last out in the elements. I suppose I could bring it in, but lazy. I am also looking for some lights. Probably cheap battery powered jobs? Maybe also a better number ring...
  10. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Yes, the G3 uses a rotafix mount and they are available separately. They might require a bit of tweaking to work with the other boards (and lighting systems choices) but should be straightforward and once mounted super easy to rotate and swap out. I will take some pictures later this week for you. I am going to adapt a cheap board for my patio next week. Here are some pictures of punched flights and the Robson molded flights
  11. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Shipping to the US is pretty minimal, unless you choose expedited shipping. My orders usually arrive in 10 days or so and as long as I am ordering darts and accessories it’s $2.95. Three other items I would also consider. Some sort of throw line or mat. If you have hard floors in your room, you could consider an integrated throw line and mat, to protect the darts as they fall from deflections. If not a mat, then I like the Target “glow in the dark” adhesive throw line. Second, a lighting system, depending on what your ambient light situation looks like. These items are a bit harder to find in the US for reasonable prices, so perhaps better to save for one of your UK trips. The Target lights are what I am looking to get once I find a more permanent spot for my setup at home, or considering just making my own with my 3D printer. There are lots of good options though, just not any cheap options Lastly, since you have the G3, buy some of the extra rotofix mounts for your other two boards. These mounts are great in that they make rotating the board a snap and swapping out the boards easy as well. I am thinking about getting an extra so I can move my board outside as well. The “Fives Boards” look cool. I have seen them at DartsCorner. You might also check out the other games they have there (golf and snooker, if I remember correctly) as well as Blade 5 “green zone” that has a handicap system and is used in the Junior Darts Leagues.
  12. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Nice Wayne! I have tried all three boards and would suggest the G3 as the best of the bunch, especially since Brent refuses to comment on this thread and backed a different choice earlier. I would also suggest you start buying darts from https://www.dartscorner.co.uk/ as there is a much better selection that what is available on Amazon and much better pricing. Next, look at buying an assortment of stem lengths, as pairing these to your darts and throwing style takes some experimentation. My particular journey has ended up with polycarbonate. My warning with the aluminum stems in particular is they tend to very slightly bend and it’s hard to tell when this occurs and impacts your throw quite a bit. Once you find a length that you like, you can consider various stem/flight systems. I am currently using the Robson flights for example and these are very durable. I also have started punching my non-molded flights and that has cut down on flights popping off. Can’t wait to see some pictures of your setups!
  13. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    For sale! https://m.imgur.com/a/Zxj3EWw Not for sale!
  14. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Probably also have a set of Winmau Navigators for sale. Various stems sizes and flights that could be easily thrown in as well.
  15. luvdunhill


    I also have a 9F. Pretty wonderful watch, enjoy!
  16. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Anyone interested in a set of Bottelsen Aces High? They are 90% tungsten steel tips at 24g. Can provide a mixture of stems (aluminum and nylon) and flights with them. Just need to downsize a bit.
  17. luvdunhill

    Why no KG class AB ?

    This might help: http://www.firstwatt.com/pdf/art_leave_classa.pdf
  18. luvdunhill

    Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    Anyone ever run across solderable bus bars? Here is a picture of them being used in a Rowland amplifier. http://www.shine7.com/audio/jeff.htm
  19. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Perhaps one of these Japanese machines? They are pretty cool.
  20. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    This thread die? I will trying an excite it a bit. What grips do folks use around here? Do you prefer more or less contact with the shaft, for example a pinkie on the tip? More of a front loaded grip, or more rear?
  21. luvdunhill

    Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    The “pot grounds” as you call them, should be connected to the PSU ground. The two Dynahi chassis should be connected together. Then a ground loop breaker between PSU ground and the chassis. XLR pin 1 should be connected to the chassis. IEC Earth to the chassis via proper hardware.
  22. luvdunhill

    Linkwitz Labs LX Mini

    Yeah, it’s this one: http://www.firstwatt.com/pdf/art_lxmini%20crossover.pdf
  23. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    Yay, found the problem. Tomorrow will be listening day!
  24. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    Installed the front end buffer boards. I will have to adjust DC offset outside of the circuit as the trimmers aren’t oriented the right way to be able to get at in situ. Now to track down a ground loop :/ (or what I am perceiving as one, based on frequency response graph)