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  1. Yeah, apparently the car was not meant for any employee to just take for joy driving . I'll have to make some friends in higher places first. Next GB though...
  2. Interesting. Always was a Tuborg fan; guess the exotic stuff from other countries taste better :). Also, In Sweden, beer commercials were not allowed when I was that youngster age, so the only promotion available was from Tuborg. - Du Perikles - ka' Du sige mig - hvornår smager en Tuborg bedst? - Hvergang! Guess that had an influence...
  3. Good to know that I will have full moral support and backup when trying to explain why that nice demo car had to have some uptime
  4. Indeed Coincidentally, I walked by a 450+ BHP Volvo S60 Polestar this morning when going to a meeting at work; I briefly considered "borrowing" it and just make a run for the border with gwrskien's boards.
  5. All european destined boards have now been shipped onward from the swedish hub. PMs with shipping costs will follow tonight.
  6. No worries, take the time you need!
  7. Nothing to add, looked alright in the gerber viewer...
  8. No need to wait I think, the board is done: A place to insert attenuator of choice and then space for two smd buffers. That was the wish list, right?
  9. From Kevins comments, the reworked one would be a fair bit bigger and this is already quite big, so I'd prefer the smaller, current, version.
  10. Stuff arrived
  11. As am I! A really great piece of work!
  12. As far as I can tell; yes. Not an expert on how to set up the MAX4820 though.
  13. Smaller board fits my needs better, but I would of course be fine with a bigger, more feature rich, version.