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  1. Probably not what you need, but they are 6mm: https://www.mcmaster.com/panel-bearings/
  2. This guy seems happy, though a bit principled on staying with the datasheet circuits https://www.audio-perfect.de/muses_72320.en.html
  3. What could possibly go wrong ? Seriously; great idea though! Things could potentially get toasty on a 2U heatsink, so being able to choose current would be welcome flexibility.
  4. Check the GRHV thread and files (James listed all flavours some time ago).
  5. The C2M1000170D are in stock again at DigiKey. Grab 'em while they're hot. https://www.digikey.se/sv/products/detail/wolfspeed-inc/C2M1000170D/4399776
  6. For Europe and for the 489/689, I was referred by Linear to: Ingenieur-Buero-Fluck Country:Germany Phone:+ 49-7533-949-8760 Fax:+ 49-7533-949-8762 Email:[email protected] Website:http://www.ib-fluck.de which turned out to be very close to a one man operation However, they didn't sell the 689 to private customers at the time (two years ago), so I had to use a company address to get those.
  7. Had a batch of boards made on the above posted file a month or so ago and won't be using them all. You're most welcome to a pair if you want.
  8. Arrow also has stock. Get 'em while you can
  9. Forgot to post; my boards came in last week. Thanks!
  10. Definitely not the case with the one I built, so something is off. Could be many things though Aside from out of phase driven cancellation, I wonder if this is unique to your HD800 or does the same thing happen with lower ohm headphones?
  11. Please increase my grlv78/79 to 6 each instead of 3 each. Thanks!!!
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