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  1. Forgot to post; my boards came in last week. Thanks!
  2. Definitely not the case with the one I built, so something is off. Could be many things though Aside from out of phase driven cancellation, I wonder if this is unique to your HD800 or does the same thing happen with lower ohm headphones?
  3. Please increase my grlv78/79 to 6 each instead of 3 each. Thanks!!!
  4. Very nice!!! I'm all for a batch of non-assembled boards (I actually enjoy SMD soldering), but happy to go with pre-assembled also.
  5. So, about sizes. It will be hard to get any of the KG designs that live here really small. I happen to have a ADI2 home at the moment, so took a couple of shots. This is the ADI2 on top of a eCFA (in a repurposed case that actually used to hold a KGSS clone). Note that this eCFA runs a lot lower than max current, otherwise the case gets way too hot. All boards inside are on good heatsinks but there's simply not enough circulation to run full power. External heatsinks is I think a must if you want to run this one full out. Same thing with a K
  6. Very small does not mix too well with high voltage + significant wattage. See Spritzer’s page for a good overview of what the amp size limitations are: https://mjolnir-audio.com/
  7. They are mil spec and thus derated, so can actually handle higher loads. If you look at Vishay’s CMF line, it’’s the same resistors as RN60D but with about twice as high ratings.
  8. Could you please update my table numbers to 6, 3, 3, 3, 0 ? (i.e. one more complete PSU setup) ?
  9. Source must be balanced (or made balanced as per Pars suggestion above). Then, for one balanced channel, one board amplifies the positive signal and another board amplifies the negative signal. In this context, it might help to think of a balanced source as a four channel device.
  10. Hands raised , two full sets.
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