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  1. So, there seems to be competition in the market; behold the TKD-401. This looks like stereo only, but I bet between channel tracking is very precise, as long as you keep going straight.
  2. Just basic JJ El34's. From what I understand, different tubes should have limited sonic inpact in this curcuit, but I got the GB BH boards for a later build and there I think changes may be more audible. Apart from looking for exotic, I also intend to try the JJ EL-34L which the guitar crowd claims had more bottom end than the regular JJ EL-34. Fun times ahead
  3. Well, vacation is over and my GG lives. Turned out to be a partially dead lsk389 on one channel and a cold solder joint on the other, combined with too high tail resistor values on both. Obviously not my finest hour stuffing those boards . Anyway, the amp sounds really really good, so many thanks to KG and all other contributors for this great circuit! Now to find some exotic and good looking EL-34's to top it off...
  4. If that's the board from page 2 of this thread, I don't think it has a servo on board...
  5. Very good guide. I'm away vacationing for a few days, so this will be next sunday's mental exercise. Whatever the error is it's symmetrical, cause both amp boards are acting up identically. I'll post back once I've investigated a bit more...
  6. Looks excellent! Trying to sort mine out as well, was suspecting the lsk389 are dead because while voltages are fine with inputs shorted they go crazy when fed a signal, but a cold solder joint on the nfb might explain that as well. Where did you find the rings for the top lid? They look great!
  7. Package arrived here also. Many thanks!
  8. If you have (or can get hold of) a british IP-address when signing up: Great for jazz and classical.
  9. Second that. Some nice write-ups based on actual testing of different cable types, including USB: Summed up; if your DAC is asynchronous (i.e. the computer is not doing the clocking), every cable which meets USB2.0 requirements will perform identically.
  10. Yeah, apparently the car was not meant for any employee to just take for joy driving . I'll have to make some friends in higher places first. Next GB though...
  11. Interesting. Always was a Tuborg fan; guess the exotic stuff from other countries taste better :). Also, In Sweden, beer commercials were not allowed when I was that youngster age, so the only promotion available was from Tuborg. - Du Perikles - ka' Du sige mig - hvornår smager en Tuborg bedst? - Hvergang! Guess that had an influence...
  12. Good to know that I will have full moral support and backup when trying to explain why that nice demo car had to have some uptime
  13. Indeed Coincidentally, I walked by a 450+ BHP Volvo S60 Polestar this morning when going to a meeting at work; I briefly considered "borrowing" it and just make a run for the border with gwrskien's boards.
  14. All european destined boards have now been shipped onward from the swedish hub. PMs with shipping costs will follow tonight.