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  1. I just completed it last week by setting it to ZF and 100ma bias ( +-20V rail). Still waiting the chassis and soft starter. Sounds better than my dynalo\hi with my HD800 and K1000.
  2. Thx for the suggestion. Seems like I real need a softstart borad to built.
  3. haha it seeems like a little bit overkill... i agreed but the price between 200VA/100VA is almost the same. same price more weightšŸ¤£
  4. Thx Pars. Actually, i did`t ask the question clearlyšŸ˜‘ My apologize. It`s the one in CFA Board near the VCC+- terminals.
  5. Another CFA3 here to be built: The transformer i used is from Antek with 200VA 25V for each channel. Still waiting for the rectifier bridge.d which probably will arrived tmr. Hope i can power it up tmr ASAP, can`t wait to enjoy it. BTW, any help about the trimmer resistor near the VCC+- terminals. What`s it used for?
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