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  1. Went over to a friend’s house and made a pair of field coil loudspeakers over the weekend. They sound surprisingly nice!
  2. Build a KGST. It won’t cost much more, but it’ll be much better.
  3. I don't have good experience with those red resistors. On my DIY T2, I had to take a lot of them out. Your noise could very well come from those.
  4. What was the actual cause of the problem?
  5. I bought a pair of these headphones because I really wanted to see how good they could be and to support this new comer. My experience is pretty much similar to Berger's. I like the build quality. The clamping force on the head isn't that much, which is a good thing. However, it can be a bit too loose. The headphones almost fell out of my head a few times. About the sound, they sound very similar to my Omega clone. I might be a bit bias, but my Omega clone has just a bit better bass extension. Overall, I would say that the phones are very nicely built. The
  6. Don't worry too much about the offset 20-30V voltage. It will not hurt your headphones at all.
  7. Dear Michael, Please add one more main board for me. So, the new total is 4 main boards. The rest are correct. Many thanks. Wachara C.
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