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  1. Hi JoaMat, How does it sound compares to T2? Do they sound very similar?
  2. That's impressive!
  3. Unfortunately, it's impossible to check the diaphragm without opening up the housing and disassembling the driver.
  4. Thank you JoaMat.
  5. I'm building the GG right now and I'm wondering what R current limiter I should use?
  6. Happy birthday!
  7. Keep them coming. I'll buy a bigger house.
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. I like the red Porsche.
  10. It's beautiful!
  11. Congrats Kevin. Looking forward to seeing more amps.
  12. Looking forward to seeing the version 2.0.
  13. Very nice! Congratulations!
  14. The speakers look really nice with new legs.
  15. A lot of time recoating the drivers can solve the imbalance problem. If it doesn't, there might be a leak of the bias voltage somewhere. Please check also the cable and all of its solder joints.