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  1. Are they using felt as the dust cover?
  2. I really like to try to make some wire stators for my DIY electrostatic headphones. I've bought some wire mesh, but I have no idea how to stretch it so that it's absolutely flat and tight. Any ideas?
  3. I’ve used something similar with one of my headphones for a while now. It’s been OK. Yes, it’s not double insulated and it’s not as soft as the Koss cable.
  4. Finish a new pair of electrostatic headphones today.
  5. It’s funny that the size of the transducer is exactly the same as my DIY headphones - 120mm x 90mm.
  6. This is my version - 3D printed using ABS filament.
  7. Happy birthday, Kerry!
  8. When I went and bought, I didn’t check the differences in price and quality. It’s what’s available in my area and I needed it quickly.
  9. I use SCT3080KLGC11 in my Grounded Grid power supply and it works well.
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