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  1. RS has some units in his web of Spain, I suppose these sands are available in US web or other countries.
  2. Many thanks José but I'm curious to know if the TSA1765 can replace the STN6340
  3. I can not finish my Carbon either because I cannot find the C2M1000170D and STN9360 anywhere ? Can I use TSA1765 instead of the STN9360? EDIT: I found some C2M1000170D in RS with a bit high price IMHO, but they only sell a minimum quantity of 30 units and I only want 10, if anybody want some units of this sand I can make a little groupbuy.
  4. Yes, 18Vac outputs are higher than necessary for 12Vdc, the trafos that I bought are for the Carbon PSU.
  5. I ordered some transformers for me and a friend of team spain two weeks ago and I have them since last Friday, the bigger trafos have these secondaries, 2x [email protected] and 1x [email protected], the others have 2x [email protected] I haven’t a PSU board to check these HV trafos in this moment and I've only connect these toroids to 230Vac, the result with no load, no noises in the 4 units, the voltage difference between 360v secondaries is less than 0.1v, and the same voltaje in the 18v outputs (in both HV trafos), I can't tell the same of the Toroidys because I have some units with a little noises, an
  6. I'm for 3 o 4 PS boards if it's possible.
  7. 2 boards for me please!! Enviado desde mi Z Pro mediante Tapatalk
  8. Boards arrived. Many thanks!!
  9. No problem, take your time.
  10. Caps just arrived!!! Many thanks Soren
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