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  1. RS has some units in his web of Spain, I suppose these sands are available in US web or other countries.
  2. Many thanks José but I'm curious to know if the TSA1765 can replace the STN6340
  3. I can not finish my Carbon either because I cannot find the C2M1000170D and STN9360 anywhere ? Can I use TSA1765 instead of the STN9360? EDIT: I found some C2M1000170D in RS with a bit high price IMHO, but they only sell a minimum quantity of 30 units and I only want 10, if anybody want some units of this sand I can make a little groupbuy.
  4. Yes, 18Vac outputs are higher than necessary for 12Vdc, the trafos that I bought are for the Carbon PSU.
  5. I ordered some transformers for me and a friend of team spain two weeks ago and I have them since last Friday, the bigger trafos have these secondaries, 2x [email protected] and 1x [email protected], the others have 2x [email protected] I haven’t a PSU board to check these HV trafos in this moment and I've only connect these toroids to 230Vac, the result with no load, no noises in the 4 units, the voltage difference between 360v secondaries is less than 0.1v, and the same voltaje in the 18v outputs (in both HV trafos), I can't tell the same of the Toroidys because I have some units with a little noises, and all toroids that I've bought to this people have a little bigger voltage differences in the same outputs than these Torivac trafos. I ordered these toroids with a "generic" specs and, by default, the Torivac trafos haven't a earth wire in the electrostatic shield (I'm not sure that it's a big problem or not). I asked why these trafos not mount this wire and they respond that it's a optional improvement like the double shields (they mount only a electrostatic), pvc box, the long wires or the mounting hardware. So it seems that the error is mine to think that the earth wire is something normal in a transformer … For the reference, the price of the hv trafo with these specs is 60.53€/each and 28.32 for the small torid, if I order 10 (or more) units of each size, for less units they add 38€ for each size, the reason is to compensate the time needed to prepare the machine with which they make these products. I can ask a budget to Torivac for these trafos with all options if there are enough people interested in buying these toroids, although I’m not sure if it will be profitable because the shipping costs in Spain are expensive.
  6. I'm for 3 o 4 PS boards if it's possible.
  7. 2 boards for me please!! Enviado desde mi Z Pro mediante Tapatalk
  8. Boards arrived. Many thanks!!
  9. No problem, take your time.
  10. Caps just arrived!!! Many thanks Soren
  11. Three sets for me if it's possible.
  12. Very good price!!!, many thanks Soren.
  13. Yes, I want to make a second unit to use in other room or use in balanced mode with this amp. Since I have this amplifier I have not returned to use my Beta22
  14. I've finished this fantastic design of Mr. Per-Anders.
  15. I prefer a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and Acetone (60/40), IMHO I think this mixture clean more easily that if you use Isopropyl only
  16. It's a fantastic job!! What is the model of the power switch?
  17. Yes, I have connected the selector according to Birgir's explanation. I made these shaft couplings (Delrin), and I used steel pipes first but I had some problems because the knobs don't turn uniformly and I saw that the pipes were a bit twisted (or crooked, I'm not sure what the right word to describe this problem ) I decided to change these pipes and made another of aluminium/carbon fiber (I have used an arrow ), these pipes are very fragile and they are easy to broke when I tighten the screws of the shaft couplings, for this reason I reinforced the pipes in the ends.
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