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  1. Dunhill has been sick the last few days.  My neighborhood had a parade, and I couldn't get to my usual vet.  Went to the vet where my mother used to take her dogs.  They don't take walk-ins.  I didn't know that.  They took us.  Three shots later, and the puking has stopped and he is hungry again.  

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  2. On 7/27/2019 at 10:14 AM, Dave R said:

    My order for the Reverso 1931 was delivered today, and I love it.

    Not only is it very nice looking, imo, it’s also extremely comfortable, and although it’s 8 years old it looks brand new.

    The only slight niggle I have, is with it being used the previous owner(s) had the flip side engraved seen in the photo which I’m not that keen of, other than that I couldn’t be happier.


    For now I’m going to enjoy the JLC as is, plus I don’t have to look at the flip side, but I’m going to enquire via the place where I bought it, on whether that could be done in the photo below which allows the movement to be seen.



    Another thing I like about this Reverso, is it looks very different to the Saxonia, apart from it having a black alligator strap and similar coloured metal.




    Just 4 more photos. ?






    It looks brilliant! I do really love the 1931 tribute dial.

    On 7/27/2019 at 11:24 AM, HemiSam said:

    Thanks, ER.  

    I probably need to look into something similar one of these days.  I'm a 40L, but my lower half is pretty damn flat / relatively thin.  Pants are always baggy.  I try to by a certain cut of the Hart Schaffner Marx and then get it tailored...perhaps a New York fit or a Los Angeles fit...can't recall.  They had some dates at my local mall where they were "making to measure" or the like and I missed it.  Purchasing slacks for the office is one giant PITA for me.

    I would skip HSM, in your case; even their slim fit is pretty "traditional." Try Brooks "Milano", or the Samuelsohn "Yardley" fit (this is a fit made specifically for Saks), both of which are quite trim. The Hickey-Freeman "H" fit might also work for you, but they are fairly short jackets in that fit (a bit shorter than the slightly cropped Samuelsohn fit I mentioned).  All of these are fairly easily found at steep discount, especially if you hit SaksOff5th or NM Lastcall during the right sale, and Brooks often has steep closeouts.

  3. 20 hours ago, HemiSam said:

    Nice bracelet, ER.  Give us a few more shots of it if you don’t mind including side and clasp.

    I like the jacket.  What exactly does made to measure mean?  I’m thinking they tailor an off the rack jacket, but I honestly don’t know.


    It's somewhere between bespoke and tailored.  They use pre-sized blanks but then customize the whole thing for you. I got a great price, thanks to a promo code (I ordered 8 weeks ago, I think). The bracelet is a Paloma Picasso Tiffany "Infinity" in sterling and yellow gold. I really like it, and it will work great for me until I can afford a Juste un clou.


    4 hours ago, HiWire said:

    I'm looking at something fresh for the remainder of the summer:


    I think it looks great!

  4. I've put the new Speedy on a Vollmer mesh bracelet.  I do think it looks very nice, and it's extremely comfortable.  I need to the get the clasp laser engraved with an Omega logo, though. IMG_0107.thumb.jpeg.8892b45cb26beb4793c68287aa556181.jpeg

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  5. 8 hours ago, SeaWolf said:

    Not sure how the current one would stand up to the shock and impacts from polo. The 1931 is my favorite version of it. Pure simplicity. 

    It's a very robust movement. 

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  6. 20 minutes ago, SeaWolf said:

    that's cool. i wasnt aware he did anything like that. he stayed almost entirely out of public anything.

    He was a supporter of BSA, and was a professor at my Alma Mater.

  7. So. That is Mr. Armstrong in the middle-stage-left.  That is me, four youths over, wearing my Philmont belt. Some sort of Casio watch on my wrist.


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  8. I almost brought a third cat into the household.  He was adopted before I could (his name was Hugo, he was 12, and had been at the SCPA for several months).  Maybe I shouldn't bring a third cat in, but I love cats so much, and Hugo was so expressive, and I love old kitties.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Dreadhead said:

    At some point I would love to get a Genelec set up. 

    One of the nice things about working at my first real job was that we could* use the mastering studio after hours to listen to music.  High end (at the time) Genelec setup.  It was great.


    *I mean, we weren't supposed to, but IT had master keys.

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  10. 18 hours ago, SeaWolf said:

    The new Santos comes with both the bracelet and the leather strap.  Even if you never use it the bracelet is astonishing. 

    You can choose gold on just the strap (the bracelet adds significantly to the cost on a gold watch!), but agreed; it's the best bracelet on any of my watches, and I include the modern Oyster bracelet in that.

  11. On 7/13/2019 at 4:30 PM, skullguise said:

    Was this related to the old charges from your ex?  In any case, yeesh!  And glad you're out....(is that literally or figuratively)

    This is something else, but from around the same time. It's a long story, and a stupid one. It was just three days.

    Today, I walked out to my car and discovered this.  Of course the parking lot camera doesn't work. If you look at the dent on the door, you can see where the person got out and tried to "rub the dent out." Idiot.  I have rental coverage up to $50 a day, so I chose "luxury." I hope it's something decent.


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  12. Stain clean up is easily resolved with a mattress cover. And agreed: the "durable" section suggests whomever made that hasn't had a good inner spring mattress.

    My mattress was $2500 on substantial sale 10 years ago, so maybe I just have a really good inner spring mattress. Several dozen people have slept on it since I got it, and they invariably say that it's incredibly comfortable, upon flopping on to it.

    I just realized that what I thought was just giving mattress advice turned into bragging. ?

  13. I've slept on most of the "internet" mattresses over the last few months. They mostly feel the same, to me (with the exception of a Puffy, which was very comfortable for sleeping).  I'm still very happy with my 10 year old Sealy plush euro pillow top.  It's halfway through its warranty period (not that I would expect it to be honored for anything, but it suggests that it was made for longevity), at this point, and hasn't changed much (I rotate it every 6 months or so). Any of the memory foam mattresses are relatively terrible for sex, if that is a consideration. 

  14. 7 minutes ago, SeaWolf said:

    Perusing audio forums like this and watching the common sense so many display. I think it should be no surprise that a large percentage of people do not.

    I have experimented, since your post, and I'm still not sure how one fucks it up.

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