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  1. Dunhill's favorite place.
  2. I'm not entirely sure what to think about this development. I did complain that the 1675 wouldn't unlock my computers for me, so I guess I can't complain too much!
  3. I'm doing Linda McCartney cosplay, apparently (she had an FM, in that famous video).
  4. You would almost think they got along.
  5. The other one is back in her spot, too.
  6. Dunhill has reacquainted himself with home, after a week in North Carolina. Silver has too, but she is in a box. I've gotta brush that Pendleton blanket. Dunhill goes out of his way to be a hallway obstacle in the dark.
  7. I think this is a reasonable question. My vintage RS-1 and HD-800S don't get used much. My Bose NC700 get used about 18 hours a day. I'm always on the move. They are comfortable, they sound fine, and the noise cancelling is great.
  8. Today’s watch. The last couple days were the Santos. No Apple Watch, or caring about what I eat, until I leave Greensboro this coming weekend.
  9. I agree with SW: always get the bracelet.
  10. The price was just Amazon Prime at $43.
  11. Looks like the deal is over now.
  12. For anybody who travels with watches. the brown Wolf roll is on a huge discount. It's quite nice for the money, assuming it's like the one I already have (I bought another).
  13. I personally found the sound to be goopy, and there was a certain "kermit quality" to the midrange.
  14. The Santos is probably my most worn watch that isn’t by Apple, but the Drive extra flat is a lot of fun.
  15. I knew one of his first studio students (she was a full professor by the time I met her). I have some Bream in my personal catalog. RIP.
  16. Today's watch. Gotta keep it fancy. Goes great with whatever today's "look" is.
  17. Today. I'm still doing the "your dad in 1968,” but a different 1968.
  18. Today's watch. Still doesn't unlock my computers. It goes great with today's look, which is "your dad on vacation in 1968."
  19. Thanks! It’s been a great visit so far. We both tested negative for COVID last week and have essentially been in isolation, and we are taking normal precautions when around anybody (picking up good, etc). it’s been nice wearing a real watch, though I’d prefer if the Rolex would unlock my computers automatically.
  20. My partner is going to be here this weekend (very soon, in fact!) . I haven't seen her since February. She begged me to not wear an Apple watch while she was here, as I've been obsessed with my step count (I average about 30k daily). I was planning on wearing a Speedy, as I put one of mine on a NATO for summer. but for some reason this felt right (goes great with my Ren and Stimpy socks and Birkies).
  21. That’s a beauty!
  22. 2CV is my dream car. I’ve had fast cars. What I want is a silly, but practical, car. The 2CV is very silly, but very practical.
  23. It will have to wait for me to try again, when my neuropathy calms down. You should have bought a pre-moon 144.022-69 5 years ago :). The car I learned to drive in was a '73 Beetle that my dad was constantly "restoring," I don't think he was ever actually going to finish, even when his brother owned a rather famous European auto and body shop, and we would drive down to Atlanta to use those services. The journey, not the destination.
  24. I have been convinced to keep it. I'll try again later. It really does look great!
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