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  1. Fox has a setup and tech page for the shock on your Cannondale. There's 2 separate rebound adjustor knobs on your shock, my guess is the shop didn't get the one for the long travel mode dialed in which is why you're getting the thump at the top. Go through the setup guide and make sure the air pressure is in right ballpark, then get both rebound adjustors dialed in. If that doesn't take care of it then yeah, Fox will be getting a call from your shop. http://www.foxracing...adrt2.html#asps
  2. Fortunately, it's coming out pretty soon according to the Fuji lens roadmap. Should be out by early 2013. http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n120626.html
  3. Nice, saw your post yesterday on MTBR. The bike rides nicely out of the box but get ready to do some serious suspension tuning over the next few weeks. Once you get the suspension dialed in it takes the bike to a whole new level.
  4. We processed J.Lo and her entourage through customs back when I was working at the airport. Let's just say it was a fucking disaster and leave it at that. Don't deal with her. Ever. Unless you want a migraine where not even oxycontin makes you feel better.
  5. Did a pretty good ride on Sunday, but suffered badly in the last half hour of the ride. 3.5 hour mountain bike ride, 44km, and 3700' of elevation gain. Fuck that hurt. We did about 20km with the main group before a bunch of people had to bail or limp out of the forest with mechanicals. It came down to me and 2 others, and those 2 others happened to be the Provincial champions from last year and this year, and they were on singlespeeds. And I still got my ass kicked on the climbs. Those singlespeeders are animals. On the bright side, it was a pretty epic ride and my new fork is now dialed in. Still getting used to my new wider handlebar but I'm liking it.
  6. Shutterfly gets most of my business since they have the most reasonable shipping cost and their quality is decent. Results can be unpredictable unless you go through the options and disable the "optimize prints" feature or whatever the hell they call it these days, it basically auto-levels and auto-contrasts the photos if you leave it enabled. My personal favourite for when things have to look good and right is Adoramapix. They have a great choice of papers and sizes and their prints just look better. But I get killed on shipping since I live in Canada, I think the prices are pretty resonable for you guys. I'd say try out a few places. Pick out a few sample files and order a set of prints from each place, then see which one looks best. I doubt we're photographing the same kind of stuff nor looking for the same kind of things in the final prints. Try out different papers & finishes too to see what works best. I like all my stuff in super high gloss but others might not.
  7. Nope, I'll stick with my OM-1. I hate EVFs, give me an actual optical viewfinder and at least an APS-C sensor. Given that it's an OM, I can't understand why it doesn't have a full-frame sensor. I just don't get this camera. Mind you I have the entire X-Pro-1 system on order so they'd literally have to come out with a digital OM-2SP for me to buy into the system.
  8. It's close, the K-5 is a little bit narrower, a bit taller, and with the lenses I want it's about the same depth. Hell no, I may be a retro-grouch but I still want autofocus on my digital cameras. I also don't get along well with rangefinder focusing.
  9. For me it's worth it since I'm unwilling to carry around anything bigger than an Olympus OM-1, regardless of how good it is. Worst case is around $3500 for the body and all 3 lenses, which isn't any more than the other system I was considering (Pentax K-5 with Limited Series lenses). It's definitely a niche system and I can certainly see why it isn't worth it for many people.
  10. Resistance is futile. I've been hoping and waiting for this camera ever since a Fuji rep told me that they'd have something like this in the works if the X100 sold well. I can finally put away my film cameras for everything other than shooting Velvia 50.
  11. Huh, this one's almost as baffling as Pentax's Q camera. I'm now morbidly curious as to what Canon's entry will be like. A couple shots from the summer
  12. aerius

    R.I.P. R.E.M.

    They pretty much lost me with "Reveal" and I haven't bought any of their newer albums, though I always went to their concerts when they came by my area. R.E.M. was the first band I really got into, I still have a couple of their albums in the original LP release, "Reckoning" on vinyl absolutely kills the CD version. It's been a long trip with a ton of amazing & influencial music along the way, I think they made the right choice. It was time.
  13. Ok, now this is freakin' weird. For whatever reason, Fujicolor 100 scans like a dream while Fujicolor 200 absolutely refuses to play nice with my scanner. The all came from the same B&H order and were shoved in the fridge as soon as they arrived. The prints from both rolls look great, but negative scans from the 200 roll look like crap, the colours are way off and the contrast looks rather poor. A scan from the good roll. Straight from the scanner, all I did was crop it.
  14. Brightness seems to be fine, I have to set brightness & contrast on the higher end of the range to get a good picture but there's still some room left for adjustment if it fades some more. I have a couple LCD monitors setup at my trading computer, they're great for web browsing, reading text, and doing trades but pictures & movies just never looked quite right on them. So I've been hunting down all the large cheap & free CRT monitors people are posting in the local classifieds and cherry picking the best ones.
  15. Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2040U. I can't say I notice any real difference between this and my 21" Dell Trinitron monitors, there seems to be just as much difference between the 2 Dells I have as there is between the Dells and this one.
  16. They even have a version for micro 4/3 cameras, I'm waiting for someone to stick one on a GF3.
  17. I don't know, I think he should've gone for the compact prime instead. I saw one mounted on a 5D2 at the photo show and it looked pretty funny.
  18. Proving once again, that mountain bikers rule.
  19. Problem #1 as Jon L noted is that you're using a manual focus lens on a camera which was never designed for it. It does not have a viewfinder, nevermind one with the old school focusing screens which had microprisms, split image rings and other focusing aids so that you can really dial in the focus. You're dependent on an LCD screen with its limited resolution & sharpness plus its view magnifier function to judge focus, it can be made to work but it's a PITA. I've tried it on a micro 4/3 camera and it's a hell of a lot slower and less consistent than my Olympus OM-1 film camera (not exactly fair since the OM series had one of the best viewfinders ever made). With regards to noise, yeah, looks like underexposure. I loaded up the sample in Photoshop and the histogram is squashed up on the left with a sizable gap on the right. Here's what you do, pick a few typical scenes of stuff that you'd photograph and take a series of pictures of each scene, using the exposure compensation function to dial up the exposure a bit in each one until you start blowing out the highlights. Then back it off a notch. Then note how much you had to dial it up and remember that number or save it into the settings. Use the standard jpg output to get this part dialed in, open them up without any editing in Photoshop or whatever you use and confirm that the highlights and everything else is good using the histograms. Only after you've got the compensation dialed in should you start dicking around with raw. You want the images to come out of the camera as good as they can so that you don't have to dick around with them too much in raw processing & Photoshop.
  20. And now my OM camera system is complete.
  21. I had an E-P1 for a week or so before I returned it when it first came out. The lack of a built-in viewfinder killed it for me, yeah you can get an add-on but I'm a bit forgetful so I'd likely leave it at home half the time when I need it. The controls weren't that great either for what I like to do, I'm used to film SLRs and want direct control for shutter speed & aperture at all times which the camera didn't let me do, I had to play with too many buttons & menus to set the things that I wanted to set. I've handled the E-P2 at a camera show and the controls on that one are a lot better for me. As for other mirrorless systems, the Samsung NX series gives you a viewfinder, it's built-in on the larger NX10 & NX11 while the NX100 uses a clip-on EVF. The NX100 is smallest & lightest of the 3, it's about the size of the E-P2 and feels a bit lighter though I'm not sure if it actually is. I also like Samsung's controls the best since I can just stick it in manual mode and use the dual control wheels to dial in aperture and shutter speed, it works just like a film camera. I find their menus are simpler and easier to use as well, the important stuff like white balance and ISO are right up front or have their own buttons, no digging through menu trees. Now if they could just stuff the Fuji X-100 viewfinder into the NX100 body or make an interchangeable lens version of the X-100, I'd jump right in on the pre-order line.
  22. A variety pack of black & white film from B&H Photo. Got some Neopan Acros, Fomapan and Tmax 100, HP5+, Plus-X and Tri-X.
  23. And they traded away Richards and Carter for that goalie. It's like they're trying to make their team suck so they can pickup a good draft pick next year.
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