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  1. And they traded away Richards and Carter for that goalie. It's like they're trying to make their team suck so they can pickup a good draft pick next year.
  2. http://blog.naver.com/cleanday82?Redirect=Log&logNo=60124228527 No idea when it's coming out though, but probably sooner rather than later with the way product cycles are going these days.
  3. A 1/2.3 inch interchangeable lens camera? I can't say it makes sense to me and I really gotta wonder what the market is for this thing.
  4. If it's a P1110, you can do the resistor mod if the monitor looks washed out and the color return function doesn't fix it. I had to swap resistors on one of mine to get the blacks to be black instead of grey. Apparently it's a common defect with these monitors.
  5. There's some photography work but it's mostly for video editing. My riding group is shooting a ton of footage for our mountain bike videos so I needed a new monitor to do the editing. As for why, well, I have the space, 2 for $20, and electricity is pretty darn cheap where I live.
  6. A few more years and they probably will pay me to take'em.
  7. Gotta love how people are practically giving away 21" CRT monitors these days. Picked up 2 of them for $20.
  8. Man, I thought for sure that he was going to lose it Hulk style and snap those headphones in half!
  9. According to this chart, all your A-series lenses will work just fine on the K-5 in all manual and automatic modes. You'll still need a macro lens for your work but at least you won't have to get a complete new set of lenses for the camera.
  10. Definitely. If there's a trade show, larger camera store, or even a photographer's group meetup near your area, go and use the opportunity to try out everything you can get your hands on. Bring some memory cards & lenses and give the cameras a full workout.
  11. Brainfart. It should say Nikon & Canon, but the Limited series lenses do make the rest of their own stuff look like junk. Now if only they could make a camera that looks & feels as good as their Limited series lenses, it's kinda silly having a plastic & rubber camera fitted with a tiny all metal lens. It works great but it just looks wrong.
  12. The K-5 and K-7 are the exact same mount & system so you'd think that it would work, but yeah, it never hurts to get an official confirmation. With regards to lenses and AF, I'm not a zoom lens person so I know absolutely nothing about them other than they're too slow, but with primes I think Pentax still has the best ones. Their DA and FA Limited lenses are IMO unmatched by anything short of Leica or Zeiss glass, the build quality and feel makes all the Nikon & Pentax stuff look like junk. Unfortunately the price tag matches the build quality. The rest of their lenses don't look like they're anything special though.
  13. I don't know, depends on how old it is. I did a quick search and it looks like anything that's A-series or newer will work just fine if set to the "A" setting on the aperture ring. Anything older and it gets messy. http://support.pentaximaging.com/node/5
  14. Yeah, that's the exact same reason I love my Olympus OM-1 and Pen-FT, it's really hard to find a nice small high quality DSLR that does all the stuff I need while being easy to use. For lenses you should be fine, I was using the fullframe 31mm and 77mm FA Limited lenses when I was testing out the K-5 and both lenses worked fine. I did mess up the focus a few times when using manual focus mode but once I got used to the focus confirmation lights it was pretty straightforward. Not as easy as on my OM-1 since it has a way better focusing screen and more viewfinder magnification, but probably around the same as my Pen-FT.
  15. Since you really liked your Pentax Super-A, I think it would make sense to stick with them on your first DSLR. I've tried out the Pentax K-5 for a couple hours at a recent photo show and really liked it, I was using it mostly with the 31mm f/1.8 FA Limited lens since that's what I'm most used to. What I like about the K-5 is that it's the closest in use to a conventional manual SLR; with most Canons & Nikons I can't figure out how they work without reading the manual while with the Pentax I could use all the basic functions just by playing with it for a couple minutes. I don't know what they cost in Europe but they should be in your price range, over here they sell for a bit more than the Nikon D7000. If Fuji doesn't come out with an interchangeable lens version of the X100 in the next couple years, I'm getting a K-5 or whatever their next top of the line camera is.
  16. That looks like a refund to me. The seller claims there's no wear on the lens and it's like new, that would be a lie since the lens is scratched. Unless he wants to claim that scratches don't count as wear.
  17. So let me get this straight, Sigma is selling a crop sensor camera that cost more than a Leica M9 with Summicron lens? You can't be serious.
  18. In the order that you just posted them: Kodak Ektar 100 (the mystery film), Gold 400, Gold 400, Superia 200, Superia 200, Gold 400. Superia 200 was a fucking bitch to scan, I was at the camera show this past weekend and had a batch of Velvia 50 and Superia film with me so I could try out all the scanners. Tried the Epsons, tried a Nikon 5000 ED, resolution was way better than what I can pull out of my ancient HP scanner but the colours weren't much better even with their full film profiles & colour management systems. Ektar 100 ain't fun to scan either depite what the Kodak PR material says. Gold 400 is a piece of cake, pop it in the scanner and it comes out pretty good every time. I think a lot of the issues people are having with Kodak's films comes from exposing them at box speed or god forbid underexposing them. That's what happened in the 3rd photo where I was under by about half a stop since I wasn't going to slow down the shutter speed any more and didn't want to open up the lens all the way since I still wanted some depth of field. Overexpose it by 1/3 to 1/2 stop and it punches up the colours and contrast.
  19. You can if you want, but saying which ones have nicer colour or look better would be good enough.
  20. Some of these are Fuji Superia 200, some are Kodak Gold 400, and the last one is a mystery film. Same camera, same lens, all shot within the last 8 months.
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