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    404LE serial 501, K701, HF2 serial 367, Q-jays, SRM007 MKII, JH13 - fugliest ever!!
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    KGSS, Gilmore Lite with DPS (3rd party, not DPS from Headamp), WA6 with Sophia Princess & PDPS upgrade
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    Neko Audio D100, Stello DA100, Pico DAC, Trends Audio UD10.1 USB-SPDIF converter
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    Power Cable: Wireworld Stratus, Zu Mother Mk II, all RCA by Monster :-p, DAP : Zune 2nd Gen 120gb, Clip +

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  1. a late congrats Wachara. You know I dont know squat about technical aspect so for what you did, you're like Thomas Edison to me......better than slice bread for sure
  2. Yeah, guess I didn't mention the cons for the fuji's..... AF still suck but again, compared to mid tier dslr, I don't feel any difference. I say this because I came from mid tier dslr or rather entry level ones
  3. any fuji shooters here? Recently just "migrated" frm dslr to mirror-less.....took tons our of my shoulder. Selling all my canon lenses. Body wont go anywhere though (didnt worth much anyway, its a T2i), just keep it with kit lens. Back interested in shooting again after got sick of lugging tons of body and lens around. the IQ blew entry lvl to mid-range DSLR outta water and ISO handling was superb compared to my T2i. For the weight of my DSLR backpack alone its equivalent to a mirrorless body and 2 lenses. anyone who's not doing photography for money should start going mirrorless way......no regret for me really
  4. i emailed the stax HK distributor ,Lieder, this is where I bought the 009, they're mailing me the replacement. So problems solved. Thanks all for the advice
  5. I'm not in US.....and I bought mine from Hong Kong. But will try contacting Craig or HEworkshop. In the meantime, if anyone here can help me, like said, shoot me a PM. We will work out the details.....
  6. folks, the plastic part that holds the 009 headband broke today. As a temporary measure, I glued it with super glue. The stax after service here can be considered as non existent. I would really really appreciate if any of you fine gentlemen can help me source the parts. All expenses will be paid for. The parts I'm referring to is on the attached pics (the solid yellow arrow) Shoot me a pm for further arrangements. Thanking all of you in advance fr any help/advice........
  7. hahaha....thanks.....actually i moved at least 10 bottles of various stuff like my eucalyptus oil, vitamins, supplements that I put in the base of the stand before I took the pics. Hell, there's even a package of tomato seeds there too.......
  8. Tis is mine.....but only 1 section used. Only have 3 headphones now and 1 regularly used. The other 2 already stored in a box
  9. thanks birgir and kevin. will make it a stickies inside my head
  10. birgir, just curious and would like your opinion, what would be top 5 dud desktop amp post Mikhail in your opinion ? thanks
  11. Yep. Assorted wines. Granges, Hill of Grace and Wolf Blass Platinum's. Took me around 1.5 yrs to pay back my clients and fortunately they're very understanding about my situation since I show them all my email correspondence with lawyers and the sob who cheated me......
  12. for lack of better words Dinny. What i meant was like the episode of SP. Taking money and never delivered the products. I find it a bit waste of time for anyone to sue the cable mfg. Unless youre talking a class action vs the big boys like Monster. But for a single individual to sue those boutique cable company, I seriously doubt any individual will go through the hassle. Besides when it comes to this junction usually its only the lawyer thats win. I have slightly a different experience than headphone world. But this is with wine in Australia. I helped some of my clients to source some premium Australian wines. Was introduced this wine trader by the name of Andrew Roper from Wineflyer. This happened way back in 2004. I send the money and this asshole didnt send the products. After all avenue was exhausted, I engage a lawyer to demand him to payback all the money he have taken. Didnt work. It was roughly USD30k lessons for me and around 3k for the fucking lawyer whom is totally useless in helping. Try going through governmental channel, didnt get much help too. And this happened in Australia where the law and regulation are supposed to be good and fair
  13. i believe its going to take some serious injury or even fatality to have an authority start investigating on those shoddy practices of the manufacturer mentioned in this thread. Even that I believe Jude as the administrator of the site will be far far away from any liabilities. CMIIW Additionally, unless the amount of money is huge, any cheating/skimming money over at HF will also fly under authority radar. Couples of complaints wont move the authority to take actions. They have a much bigger fish to fry.......
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