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  1. Hey guys, I have been stuck for about 10 months on getting my custom case ordered. Most of the companies I have enquired have either dismissed me or given me astronomical offers, such as, $15,000 for a single case. Do you know of reputable shops who could manufacture my case? Also, if any of you have access to proper machinery and is willing to attempt this project, I would be more than happy to compensate accordingly. We could also possibly arrange a group buy if there are enough people interested in my case. I have to build mine first to make sure the thermals are okay, of course. Thanks in advance!
  2. I would recommend you look into the used market and snatch yourself a pair of mk1 for $1000-1500$ or the sr-009 for 2000$-2500$.
  3. K1000 is $500-$1500, if somebody pays $3K for them congratulations. I bought a pair for the thrills but was pleasantly surprised of how well dynamic headphones can perform. In my collection they are between the SR-007 and SR-202. First non-electrostat I have heard that beat the SR-202 but not by much. My SR-202 + SRM-252II is still the best value hifi purchase that I have made at 300€ .
  4. I will have all of the parts custom made in a cnc-shop. Since it's unclear whether I will make more than one I will have the heatsinks milled and not made with a mold. It will be expensive but beautiful
  5. I am going to run a controlled test when I get the heatsinks. My backup plan is to go with normal vertical heatsinks which I have already modelled after the conrad design. I decided to go with a cool winged heatsink because Conrad heatsinks never replied to my emails. Everybody can do it! This is my first ever 3D-model .
  6. Sneak peek of my custom enclosure to be. I have spent way too much time in the modelling software.
  7. Bad in not optimal or bad in frying transistors?
  8. I tried to fill the form but got a 404 error. I copied the order and sent it to them via email. Awfully silent. I hope they answer me one day, I am almost finished with my full custom carbon case. I also asked them what the fillet applied to the fins is. To me it looks like a 2mm tangent fillet. Since they will unlikely ignore my question, can someone measure the fillet? If I go the route of ordering the heatsink as a custom part as well, will a cnc shop be able to make a heatsink? E.g. a winged one like on the diyT2 and bhse?
  9. Is Conrad Heatsinks out of business? I've sent them an email about the mf35-75 3 weeks ago with no answer .
  10. Well, I better get GRLV in my build as well. Anybody got a BOM for it? EDIT: Found it.
  11. @gepardcvIs there a significant difference running a separate GRLV?
  12. What is the correct gerber file in the drive folder for the grhv psu used in the boms? Edit: Forgot already got an answer for this.
  13. Anybody got a spare TKD 4cp potentiometer for sale?
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