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  1. Anyone has extra sets of pcb boards to spare? I kind of want to get rid of my b22 and build a dynalo for hd800.
  2. Also received items few days ago. It's awesome!
  3. Tks for the work! Indeed, it does not bother me either tho, perfect chance for my back to rest a bit .
  4. I also have a yggy for about 1 year. I can tell, there are definitely some glitchs in the driver. I frequently switch the default output audio device in my windows OS between a built in realtek driver and Schiit's gen 3. Often, I click the mute button in the system and enable later. But weird thing is, sometime when unmute the audio output, there is 0 output yggy. Yes, it's 0 volt out of either 2 pair of SE outs or 1 pair of balanced given any input (Coaxial, USB, Toslink,...etc.). I'll have to send back for maintenance, and the problem still keep happening. They ask for sending back agin but since the shipping is expensive, I later deicide to use a bunch of weird ways to work that out. One way is keep open/close the amp downstreams, as a engineer, I have no idea what I am doing, but it works. Damn.
  5. This is probably a long shot, does anyone has additional megatron pcb to spare. I am very interested. Thank you.
  6. @Blueman2 Tks for clarification. Yes, I need 4 pair. Power supplies always come in handy
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