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  1. congrats! one of my mates had a baby a few weeks ago such cute little things
  2. very exciting, themes are easily changed on vbulletin
  3. I'm quite pleased with my DT880-2003, I like to pair it with a warm amp (in my case the Ming Da MC66-AE) it's a very transparent sounding phone, really brings the sound of the source/amps to the front. One of the best buys I've made IMHO, as I got it new from B&H at the clearout price of $150.
  4. sarcasm is hard to convey on the internets!
  5. A few things came today First, a pure badger bristle shaving brush: Next, 3 t shirts from wooshka.com's recent $1 sale: and and
  6. Team budget stax ftw! I've all but given up on the sigma pros, few and far between and asking prices are daylight robbery when you do happen upon one
  7. I'm still trying to decide myself but based on the fact I've never heard any of these wares I'm probably leaning toward the latter. I believe he's offering the SRM-T2 with SR-007. Strangely enough I'd have thought he would possess the original SR-Omegas
  8. Just read this post now, WoW they do look good. Could probably whip something up DIY but this looks a lot neater
  9. hmmm... decisions, decisions... use the money to buy some of the world's best headphones or put a deposit on a house/apartment...
  10. he wants 10,000 for the orpheus system and 4,000 quid for the stax + phones someone remind us how much that T2 in italy that's been FS for years is asking?
  11. I'm more curious how he researched/sourced all this gear without internet access
  12. On a budget? Get a Stax SRM-T2 pink fish media
  13. dc

    slow forum

    x2 bloody excellent!
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