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  1. Now that’s embarrassing
  2. Make merica great again?
  3. I too am at this point in life - composite away the next 25 years so I don’t have to deal with house maintenance. 10mo, 3yr, and 5yr old kicking my butt.
  4. I’m officially old: I commissioned a new driveway and swing set today.
  5. I bring balance. Maintain the feng shui.
  6. High five Steve! Oh, wait... [emoji39]
  7. I've always liked the AT collection.
  8. Rather specific at that. About a weeks worth of writing would have been sufficient and perhaps more impactful.
  9. Yeah, I never remove my watch for security.
  10. Offer to do so for a 5% discount.
  11. My preference is the white GMT.
  12. Any of you had a chance to check out the Piaget Polo S in person?
  13. Would be the "safe" option. I've always been a fan of the silver on stainless. Works well with all attire.
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