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  1. I too am at this point in life - composite away the next 25 years so I don’t have to deal with house maintenance. 10mo, 3yr, and 5yr old kicking my butt.
  2. I’m officially old: I commissioned a new driveway and swing set today.
  3. I bring balance. Maintain the feng shui.
  4. High five Steve! Oh, wait... [emoji39]
  5. I've always liked the AT collection.
  6. Rather specific at that. About a weeks worth of writing would have been sufficient and perhaps more impactful.
  7. Yeah, I never remove my watch for security.
  8. Offer to do so for a 5% discount.
  9. My preference is the white GMT.
  10. Any of you had a chance to check out the Piaget Polo S in person?
  11. Would be the "safe" option. I've always been a fan of the silver on stainless. Works well with all attire.
  12. I'll have to make the not oft concession and agree with Reks1 here.
  13. Does anyone look at general for sale?
  14. If anyone is interested. Going to be posting elsewhere as well. Shoot me a PM. Open to trades and such. Got the watch as part of a trade a year or two ago. Is a sport watch and was used as such so it does have some scuffs here and there on the bracelet.
  15. Another nerd watch day. Pairs well with AirPods. The kids love it, you can double tap and Mickey states the time.
  16. And here they thought they already had a housing crisis.
  17. ^ agreed. If you don't plan to sell the watch any time soon, no reason not to look grey.
  18. I don't buy it, I see five digits.
  19. You volunteering to give them a hand?
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