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  1. awesome pics of 2 awesome people that is just amazing news
  2. in all fairness I own the jade2 and drive it using my 007Tii and I like it more than stax 407, 307 and its a toss between L300LE and Jade2 But 007 mk2 is the best stat I own
  3. Greetings, how does stax 407 compare to stax 404 LE sound wise Also is the stax 323s more powerful than 007Tii Any thoughts bout new stax amp D50 is that good to drive 007mk2, I know its not a carbon, I seek to buy a carbon or a KGST soon, just trying to figure out which to buy, if in the future I will add 009S, but in general how would those 3 amps rank ( 007TII, 323s, D50 ) Any mods for stax 407, like changing pads that improves it sound I own stax 307 whose headband I destroyed the yokes parts of them, and now, and the pins of the black yokes/forks are stuck inside the earspeakers, I am trying to get them out, so now I am seeking a new headband or yokes or the forks what ever those black things are called that hold the earspeakers to the headband, Also I own 407, L300LE and stax 007mk2 late 2017 Love them all, but 007 mk2 is my favorite even more so than my Hifiman he1000 SE As for l300 LE I expected better and more bass I like it though, strangely I find the 407 has more bass than the L300LE I do not mind looking into buying Hifiman Shari La JR or Me Speakers Voce, still reading more bout them to decide which is more suitable for me
  4. very interesting hope to be able to buy one soon
  5. hi can i ask how that koss compares to l300 le or 407 is there an adapter i can buy to play those from my stax 007tii amp
  6. Greetings since I am new to stax world, my current set up is 007Mk2 --- 007TII---chord hugo2 I wonder if buying a good power cable would be beneficial than the cheap one I am using now What is the best price/ performance power cable to buy that will not cause a big dent in the wallet to offer a noticeable sound improvement, and could you please explain what buying a power could would be a benefit for
  7. Greetings I was wondering if I am missing out big time using my 007 mk2 with srm 007TII I never will be able to audition the Carbon or any of the electrostatic amps mentioned here, so kindly please can you put in perspective what will I gain in terms of sound by buying for example a Carbon, and what bout using the the ifi iesl with my ifi ican pro as Ifi claim in that combo it can swing out 730 vrms which is more than what other amps output. That is ifi claim not mine Also besides the Carbon just in case the budget will not allow for buying it, are there other options that really offer a big upgrade in sound compared to my 007TII
  8. in stock form, i get everything you wrote here except one point when you mention that you pressed random on the playlist and some Thompson Twins came up which was a lucky stroke for them, how on earth can the sound quality of Thompson twins be a favourable thing that happened randomly, to be to the voce's favour, and that Thompson twins sounded good on voce, if thats the case then i can rest assured that is a good thing, and that most of my music will sound spectacular in comparison to the poorly mastered 80s bands recordings like the thompson twins, the cure, the smith and all these crappy jerk artists that allowed their recordings to released in such bad quality to the masses. If i want top hate my expensive gears like 007 mk2 or audeze xm4, or hifiman 1000he or the tons of other gears i own then i will simply play thompson twins or crap like the cure.
  9. greetingscan anyone link me to a page where |I can read bout the recommended pad modding for stax 007 mk2 not the mk1, and how the mod affected the soundare the 007 mk2 pads easy to take off and put back onalso any recommendation for covering the leather headband part with a cover that can clip on the leather part,?finally, is the headband itself easy to take apart and to be re-assembled back again, in case a new headband is needed, i am bit worried of the leather part of the headband to loosen up badly with continued use as the ribbon or whatever is supporting it is a bit worrying with continuous use, since pads positioning is key so if that ribbon becomes loose i guess say goodbye to getting a proper seal as fit will be difficult to perfectthanks in advance and sorry for all these noob questions as I am new with sta
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