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  1. If you want to use the trimpots, you need to recalculate the 1M resistors depending on selected output voltage. Like for 15V, one of them per side would need to be 473k, so 1M is too hight for 20V output.
  2. Kevin, did you switch to M2's? No Wilsons anymore?
  3. The resolution of these measurements look mind blowing precise down to 5 digits. Being able to tell the difference between lid open and lid closed is no joke. Have you ever compared your setup measurements with any other pro gear? Just wondering how really accurate and repeatable those are.
  4. Just stumbled upon this "best class-A amplifier" called "T2", ever heard of? Looks like it was officially renamed to something else...
  5. Phew... couple of days already finishing up the final wiring, setup and calibration of my CNC router. Ended up with a 2.2kW 400Hz water cooled spindle on a 4 axis machine that is connected to a Mach3 system with two LPT cards fully automating spindle start/stop, water pump start/stop for cooling, air cooling for the cutter, etc. Very happy for now how everything goes together. Need to fabricate a heavy duty cabinet for it holding all the electrical stuff and computer below the machine with some drawers as well for the cutting tools, fixtures, vacuum pump and water tank as well. Going to keep me busy for some time.
  6. Ok, right-click and then "save as" works, but then the file needs to be renamed to .pdf in order to be able to open it. Chrome saves it on macos as undefined. Must be something with the formatting thats wrong.
  7. Congrats, JoaMat. Possible the post the schematics, maybe a gerber as well? Thanks!
  8. What about mono blocks, putting both differential halves per channel in their own case on the left/right heatsink. This will give more space on the heatsinks for more transistors and more room in the mid of the case for a proper PSU.
  9. Agree. And a proper 1KVA toroid needed in the middle of the case as well with some 120,000 of caps.
  10. Would using a 2nd board (like the split boards) for the transistors below the main board bring anything? It will keep the two transistor rows closer to each other thus reducing the height of the heatsinks.
  11. Looks very nice, Kevin. I will skip the brackets and mount transistors directly to the heatsinks.
  12. Getting into mighty power amp territories 😃 making sure there is enough heatsink estate as well 😅
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