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  1. Any recommendation for connecting LED for power on/off indication to a GRHV-only based CFAE amp? A possibility would be to connect a 3V LED to 230V AC through a 1N4007 and a 56k resistor. I don't like using those power switches with integrated lights. Any other or better ideas? The CFAE only has a GRHV and 230v mains, unfortunately no LV.
  2. Hi all, anyone have a p/n for the 600pF cap optionally used in the CFA3? The closest I can found is a 620pF MLCC Kemet, but no 600pF...
  3. Shield stays connected to the chassis only. Ground is pin 1. I use Neutrik's that have separate shield/chassis connection from ground and chassis goes back to the PSU where only there chassis connects to circuit ground and mains ground (in a star manner). So, in your example for the input I would only switch pin 2 and 3 (and not switch ground, nor shield) with a DPDT relay best, something like a a Kemet EC2-12NU (one per channel), located near the inputs on the back of the amp. A front located SPDT switch will only toggle the relays. The output I probably would not switch at all, but depending on the subsequent device (power on/off status) it will be the one or the another (or both, if you make sure you can use both outputs at the same time). Ofc, you can have the same switching for the output as on the inputs, one EC2-12NU per channel and switched by a front located simple SPDT switch. As you prefer. The above Kemet's are for 12V, check the voltage in your device or use MC78/79 type of voltage regulators or change relays to 5V,... 24V to suit your needs. Omron G6A-234P-ST-US relays might be used as well.
  4. I am using the C3M0350120D as a replacement part for the C2M1000170D in the GRHV in my CFA Electrostatic without any issues. But this part seems to be unavailable now as well. Remarkable how one needs to wait a year for parts now.
  5. Sadly, that C2M0045170D isn't available as well...
  6. I don't see many implementing the SS/ZF switching, I think beside one amp or so -- do most of you prefer and set it fixed to one of the modes and if so, which is it? Cheers guys.
  7. If some are available would be interested as well in 4CP-2500 and may be 4CP-601 as well in 10k. Anyone has some, please PM. Thanks guys.
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