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  1. By the time the closed loop steppers detect an error it is already too late as it already happened. Always better to have the machine itself running more accurate and perfect cabling and controllers.
  2. Hi Gang, wish you All a happy, joyful and prosperous New Year! Any left unused boards for the mini T2 and Kerry's PSU, please let me know. I would need a set.
  3. The only question that remains for me is why wouldn't you want to convert SE headphones to balanced? Just recabling necessary and using 4 instead of 3 wires!?
  4. Oh, yes, right in this case - the same as how you would wire single-ended headphones, as suggest by Pars.
  5. No, chassis (and ground as well) do not touch the signal. You have two halves + and - per channel, from input to output. Speakers connect the same way to the amp as headphones. The only difference is the impedance.
  6. As balanced audio do not touch ground at all, think of the „shield“ as shield only, which is not even necessary for differential signals (caried over twisted wires), but, if shielded balanced cables are used, that shield connects to chassis only and a (metallic) equipment chassis extends that shield to the electronics and connects input to output cable shields. In order not to introduce a ground loop, the shield connects only to the star ground at a single point (in the PSU chassis near the IEC inlet) and nowhere else. In case multiple chassis are used, chassis and ground connectios are caried separately to the PSU chassis.
  7. No, balanced headphones do not touch ground. That "ground" pin on the 4P XLR connector goes actually to chassis; that is if everything is implemented properly, and if not, to nowhere. Exactly. Or properly to chassis and it goes then to the star ground in the PSU. You had introduced a ground loop.
  8. Marvelous! Here the crimp sockets for the cable side connectors, Mouser # 571-770988-1
  9. Yes, better would be something like the MATE-N-LOK series from TE, for 3-pin Mouser # 571-1-770873-0 and # 571-1721661 for the cable side.
  10. Linking here as well James' build notes on the GR78xx and GR79xx https://www.head-case.org/forums/topic/13533-kerry-design-mini-grhvgrlv-and-joamat-mini-t2-group-buy/?do=findComment&comment=828728
  11. Splitboards? Will probably half the real estate on the sinks and reduce width.
  12. Full size mono blocks, thats it. With trafo and caps in the middle. And I surely want a set 👍
  13. I've build several and they work great with dual secondaries (might not work with CT). Also @jamesmking has done some extensive testing on these.
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