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  1. No. I currently have the sub & speakers wired to the same outputs, but I need a bass-boost EQ in iTunes to make it sound something like right.
  2. PS Audio Elite Integrated stereo amplifier -- $free Polk Audio Monitor Series 2 speakers and sub -- $50 finding out the PS Audio only has stereo outputs, with no sub output -- $d'oh needing a cheap (CHEAP dammit) solution -- $ask head-case Use the PS Audio to drive the sub and get a t-amp for the speakers?
  3. The problem with the studies I've seen used to justify 'modest overweight = longer life" is that they go by BMI alone. Muscle weighs more than fat, so fit people and especially bodybuilding types will be overweight according to the BMI scale.
  4. MIT Varsity Pistol team here. I have yet to make MQS (500/600 in a match, usually in 2nd year), at which point I'll get to upgrade from a Russian workhorse to a Swiss Morini (as well as shoot standard pistol).
  5. I can't find it. I guess I'm not as lucky as you were...
  6. Isn't that a guy? You did say *babe* thread...
  7. To expound on this a little more... I find it incredible that I'm seriously arguing for an analogy between the American government and the Nazi Party. It makes no sense -- we have a Constitution, and we all know that this whole NSA program is going to end once the politicians realize that this is another Watergate and go into CYA / reform mode. There's no way we'll ever actually end up under a totalitarian government. That's what happens to other, less intelligent countries. Free market forces and the American way will prevail. ...right? That is, as far as I know, the way the Nazi Party came to power and the attitudes of 1930s Germany surrounding that rise. I may be and likely am misinformed -- please correct me! Tell me it wasn't just a general spirit of apathy and fear -- "I didn't speak up," quoth Niemoeller -- that let the facists take over. Because that's the same spirit -- 63%! Terrorists! -- that I'm seeing now.
  8. You're missing the point. People have voluntarily given up their liberties to a government with no oversight. They have done this because that same government has persuaded them that giving up their rights is necessary to defend the country against an outside threat, or because they were too apathetic or fearful to speak up in face of being branded 'un-patriotic.' The reason I am drawing the parallels that I have drawn is that those were precisely the same arguments used to justify the abridgement of liberty in democratic societies in the past. The propaganda refers always to "national security" and protecting the state. The labels on the Volksempf?nger radios warning against listening to foreign radio stations? "Think about this: Listening to foreign broadcasts is a crime against the national security of our people. [...]" (http://libraryautomation.com/nymas/radioproppaper.htm) The NSA monitoring scheme would be no more unconstitutional than the searches allowed specifically under the 4th amendment or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act if not for the Bush Administration's unwillingness to work through legal channels and the complete lack of justification for that unwillingness. I would be less concerned if they presented arguments for amending FISA, and I would likely not be arguing this at all if they agreed to SOME kind of regulatory oversight. Instead, the administration is flaunting the law and the Constitution in ways that I percieve to be designed such as to set a precedent for future actions along the same lines. I guess you could say it's their insistence that "The President Is Above The Law" that makes me so damn nervous.
  9. Dunno, the majority supports the new surveillance measures with a 63% majority. Not quite Hitler's 90%+ mandate in the 30s, but Karl Rove is no Goebbels and the United States (even immediately post-9/11, when Bush did indeed have that 90%+) isn't in nearly as bad a shape as the Weimar Republic. [i would argue that much of Hitler's support stemmed from the very real improvements that the German people saw once the Nazi party came to power, and the general perception that the Nazis were the lesser of two evils (the other option being Communism). A similar technique was recently employed by Hamas on a lesser scale to take over in Palestine.] While there certainly were feelings of anti-Semitism before the Nazis were in charge, the wholescale attacks on the Jewish community didn't begin until Heydrich organized Nazi supporters in plain clothes for Kristallnacht. I would also emphasize that the majority were not blind followers of Hitler as you imply -- not only did the Nazi party membership ever include more than a small fraction of the population, but a spirit of cynicism towards the Nazi administration was common especially towards the end of the war. (This cynicism was accompanied by the cowardice and apathy that kept the vast majority from ever raising so much as a strong word against the Nazis. One of the most remarkable feats of Goebbels and his Propaganda Ministry is that he kept the German population fighting even after they stopped supporting the war. I can provide citations to back that last one up, if you like.) Back to the topic at hand-- George Bush may not remain in power, but I don't see anyone arguing that he's the brains behind the Republican Party. Nor are his actions seriously moderated by the rest of the political system -- that rest is dominated by the Republican Party and its spirit of top-down control. (Chuck Hagel and recent trends of rats fleeing the sinking ship of public approval possibly excepted.) It's dumb to argue or expect that anything will ever be a duplicate of Nazi Germany. There will always be significant differences. I don't see the Bush Administration ever perpetrating genocide or opening death camps, and certainly not on the horrific scale of the Nazis. Drawing analogies between anything the Bush administration has done or is likely to do -- or the FDR and Truman administrations' Japanese internment camps -- is foolish and serves only to diminish the abject horror of the Holocaust. (for the record, I think the guy that wrote the previously linked editorial is an extremist idiot of the first order.) Choosing to see only the differences, however, will blind us to the similarities. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
  10. No, it doesn't. I'm not talking about the Jews -- the people comparing the current administration to that aspect of the Nazis are anti-immigration activists (http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50198). I'm referring to the means that the Nazi Party used to root out "partisans" and muzzle members of the press who published things unfavorable to the Party. I believe my grandmother said it best, albeit in German -- "Listen to the BBC? You must be joking -- they shot people for that." We're not that far, just yet. On the other hand, if you compare the liberties we enjoyed just five years ago to those today, the trend is rather disturbing. And "black listening" wasn't a capital crime until Germany started losing the war.
  11. http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/2006/05/federal_source_.html 1) Remember, use your right arm. Palm flat, pointing towards the ground, with the edge of your hand over your heart. Salute by swinging your arm out stiffly until pointing forwards. "Sieg Heil!" has been deprecated in favor of the English translation, "Hail Victory!" 2) Back rigid and straight. Legs as stiff and straight as possible. Raise one leg until it is at a 45-degree angle to the other (which is vertical). Step forward. 3) Nucular, not nuclear.
  12. Gorgeous pictures... that Kodak really likes light. If you have trouble with birds too heavy for that birdbath, you should call the Air Force's Wayward Helicopter Hotline.
  13. No kidding! That's impressive.
  14. Haha! Well done. Are you going to wind that wire in a controlled-impedance fashion...? do you have some sort of twisted pair twister gadget?
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