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  1. Can a double "EE" size breast pump be used over a mans penis to encourage erec.............OH! NEVER MIND. I just found something over here on page 58 that can be ordered for that.
  2. Can a "Breast Pump" be used on your nose to drain out heavy congestion when you have a cold? And for that matter can a modified form of a "Breast Pump" be used on your Anal opening, to encourage evacuation of "constipated substances".
  3. If a human body's anus can manufacture neatly formed little turds can a human body's anus be modified to produce a candy bar?
  4. Well we have all read reviews about the new Beyer?s, namely the DT880?s and the DT990?s so I won?t boar you with more dribble other than to say that I am a Beyer fan and like the new ones even more than the old ones. My review of the DT 990?s would be very positive. What I do want to comment on is my ?re-cableing of the DT 990?s. I used two 10 foot lengths of Mogami pure copper cable (shield and vinal removed) to put two 22ga. leads to each terminal for a total of eight wires used. I did it in a ?Y? configuration and drilled a hole in the other cup as opposed to running a length through the headband. No other mods were done. The end result: The sounds explode fourth. It?s a pretty good increase on all fronts but mostly in the bass frequencies. It was very noticeable and well worth doing. I was a little disappointed in hearing the stock 2006 DT990?s for the first time. But now they reign supreme IMHO.
  5. Listen up BOB...........................................GET BOTH.
  6. With all the drinking threads here shoulden't we have a "Peeing" thread too? After all, you can't do one without the other. What is your favorite peeing stance? What urinals do you prefere? Do you play games with your pee stream? ect.
  7. Just place the Raptor under the couch/bed, whatever she is sleeping on, and let it run all night.
  8. The Tradition 450 is very very light weight and plays as fast as if the neck was coated with cow snot varnish. I read where, if you x-rayed a Gibson Les Paul Std. and a Tradition Les Paul copy, you would find plywood type lamination in the Gibby and solid mahogany in the Tradition. My 450 semi hollow body is advertised as all solid mahogany used in it's make-up except for the maple cap. I verified with Tradition Tech's that there is no lamination (except for the maple cap) as in the construction of the Gibson 335. So much for my genuine Gibson Les Paul Custom. I wonder what it's made out of?
  9. I was all set to buy a used "Parker" for $1790 at the local "Guitar Center". Thats when I saw her. A 1month old (never thought I would see me going for an import) Tradition "PRS" style 450 semi hollowbody. Red mahogany/bookmatched 1/8" maple flame top (no photo top/ real wood) with dual humbuckers and gold plateing. It was same as new condition. Very close action on the slim neck. Sounded better than the Gibson 335 semi hollowbodies. It is ultra well constructed for an imported guitar. Some, again I say SOME, of the imports have come of age and are a real bargain being well built and durable. Paid $250 out the door price. Bye bye Parker.
  10. They are all up to no damn good, irregardless of which party they hail from.
  11. Can anybody tell me where I can send a donation to the "Multisexual Space Whale Coalition"? Thoes fat Homaphradites need all the help they can get with that space saving thing, especially in an elevator..
  12. The boy puppy was named Zek. He likes to tackle the three month old cat around the neck. Abby (tha bigger Aussie/ Retriever mix) is eight years old and upset with both of them being around.
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