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  1. literally never listened to this U2 album before. so now I am.
  2. sprouts and filet on the Weber.
  3. The Ocean - Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic (weird title, decent music)
  4. running through this one now. yessir very good.
  5. As happy as I am with Edifier in the living room, the Wireless 2 LS50 sure looks fucking great.
  6. Very sorry, Jeff. (((Hugs)))
  7. monday \m/ Of Feather And Bone - Bestial Hymns of Perversion
  8. The Newton Brothers - The Haunting of Hill House (Music from the Netflix Horror Series)
  9. yep it’s a BJC. they’re the bestest.
  10. Very sorry, Al and Claire. Run free, Mae. ☹️ and fuck cancer.
  11. i ended up grabbing an Adcom GDA-700. the price was dirt cheap, it has the outputs i wanted, and it has all the old tech and sound i’m familiar with. no regrets.
  12. that part is easy. Schiit Eitr. works like a charm and made a noticeable improvement in sound in both my rigs.
  13. Ric - what newer options are you comparing against? Also still using an unmodified 1100 in the speaker rig. i can’t say i have issues with imaging or instrument location (this is with Pioneer M22 + Lowther DX65). soundstage could be a bit wider.
  14. thanks for the advice, gents. the Bifrost 2 is my fall back option given it has everything i’d need plus the unique Unison USB (which would be interesting to compare against USB Gen 5). i would agree, Nate, that i’m not entirely convinced on balanced out as i’m not sure it will actually net sonic benefit? the path will be GS-X > Clear so not much power needed here. i’m searching for vintage because these modern options appear less overbuilt as the 90’s, have chips i’m not familiar with (yes i know this is not always the major sound factor), and don’t seem quite as good value. it does s
  15. with the new amp incoming i’m officially looking for a balanced DAC option... but these brooklyns and lumas and such are overkill. given my old familiarity i think it’s better if i stay in my lane. anyone have a Parasound 1600, Adcom GDA 700, or some other vintage R2R piece with balanced outs sitting around collecting dust? if so, hit me up.
  16. Justin Townes Earle gone at 38. Saw this guy in a memorable show a number of years ago. Jessica Lea Mayfield opened and was insanely nervous... Earle walked out beforehand and told the crowd to “be nice to her or I’m gonna whoop ya.” ☹️ https://www.facebook.com/22332699864/posts/10157797303759865/?extid=xKvFEEVTtaPydbHi&d=n
  17. There is so much more whisky we ought to have consumed together, bro. Got an Edradour in the glass for you right now.
  18. @morphsci does it have SPDIF output?
  19. i scoured websites-that-shall-not-be-named and the overwhelming consensus, including multiple e-mail confirmations from focal, is that they are identical internally. important to note the Pro has different stock cables and neither is balanced but it does come with an extra set of pads.
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