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  1. w100's in an old ass ayumi mv i can't believe i sold the k501s. worse mistake ever. impulse sell ftgdmfl
  2. the meter came, still waiting on dynalo parts.. its got loads of nice features (harmonic ratio? lulz found 0.9% ac harmonics in the 24v triad ), a wide capacitance range, and generally easier to use than i imagined. i love it
  3. yep, one se and one bal. I didn't receive the meter yet, but coming from a rat shack one and a "cen-tech" pos that reads 299 for a 1% rn55 that was like 301 means its gonna be good any way I look at it. I didn't really know agilent made handheld(or affordable for that matter) dmms till recently when I was browsing their site. According to tangent's website agilent *might* outsource the builds of some low end models or something, so I hope I don't get fucked hard by that. I'll know soon and report back.
  4. a dozen 2SJ74BL and 2SK170BL 50 of 2SA1015 and 2SC1815 bunch of panny fm caps, diodes, 50 leds, and like 500 of these blue things. if they dont catch fire, they get to play with sigma22s inside a par metal case.
  5. Is it just me or does anyone else think the name abrahamsen is bothersome? electrocompaniet or whatever it was sounded so sexy, especially with the font they used. Feels like the 50's metropolis futura thing.
  6. holy shit i just realized that power supply is an italy cased sigma22 you win the hpa1 game. my treads pissed their pants.
  7. that little bugger rapes. it drives k1000 without clipping and stuff and is as hot as a tube amp with all its little class a-ness....like chuck norris as a preschooler. shitty ass jacks and volume pot though and the most pathetic little heatsinks you've ever seen. (dont know if it even does shit in the non-ventilated excuse of a case) one day mine will shed it's little box and move into a big case with real heatsinks and jacks that dont squeak around because I used a bigger cable than the reddiewhiteys. the amp is great with senns. it gives them the extra bit of texture and i can then pretend im listening to stats. the hr crossfeed is like, vintage extra strength, and most obvious processor ive heard.
  8. I thought he said the opposite of that...
  9. they strive to achieve profit by tricking idiots. what's new.
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