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  1. Finally got around to replacing the power switch on this amp that's been collecting dust for many years.
  2. Panavise Jr. https://www.amazon.com/PanaVise-Model-Junior-Miniature-Vise/dp/B0819549KS
  3. The locking jacks can be partially disassembled to make it even easier to get the broken piece out, but it's real easy to lose the spring for the locking tab so I'd save that for a last resort before completely replacing it if that was necessary. It wasn't too hard to push a (non-broken) jack out from behind with a screwdriver when I tested it before posting. It'd even be possible to push it out the back from the front (the opening is big enough), but unless it's broken right at the tip, the locking tab will probably fight you on that.
  4. I dunno what those other tricks are as I've never had one break inside the jack, but the back of the locking jack is open so if there's room to get to it from inside the amp you can just push on the end of the broken plug with something while holding the release tab down.
  5. Set back up the equipment rack Steve gave me a long time ago, to get some of the mess off my desk.
  6. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    I highly recommend Dusk too. I'd also suggest trying to avoid screenshots/videos because of how amazing some of the levels are and it could spoil the fun knowing just all what's coming. The publisher also has a fun collection of joke URLs for their various games like "notfortnite.com" "thiefwithguns.com" "devilmayquake.com" "icantbelieveitsnothexen.com" "deaderspace.com" and my personal favorite "waste.money" for the merch store.
  7. Please keep us updated with the findings.
  8. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    Yeah I was gonna buy a link when they put them down that cheap but kinda didn't get around to it. Gaben honestly doesn't do anything these days. He's got his Microsoft money, hes got his Valve money, he's done with being a "director" of the company. It hurts though because he's why Valve became what it is, his passion way back when was why the company was able to get ahead of the curve for online distribution, and become the biggest player. And now he just... really doesn't care.
  9. "It could be worse" >cut to Hammond.
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