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  1. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    So I've played Prey which to me can be most accurately summed up as a true spiritual successor of System Shock 2 and Deus Ex. Don't let the marketing material that makes it look like an action-packed shooter mislead you.
  2. Fitz


    recipe? i dont follow orders from NOBODY. i do what i want 😄
  3. Fitz

    The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    that is absolutely amazing
  4. Fitz

    Happy Birthday Guzziguy

    well nice is certainly several steps above unsatisfactory, good job!
  5. Fitz

    Merry Birthday Blessingx!

    man you got fucked on getting gifts as a kid, didnt you? have a good ricmas anyways
  6. Fitz

    The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    oh my god i need that die hard ornament
  7. Fitz


    my fax is on, beep boop bop, pls send it over.
  8. Fitz


    if i tried to make it, it just might make him rise up solely to call me a dumbfuk for fucking it up so bad.
  9. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    quite a bit late but ive been following this game since 2013, trust me, im getting it as soon as it comes out. the original teaser was hype af, and since max mike has been involved in the creation of it, and been more hype about it than anyone, i have high hopes. edit: we also got a detailed gameplay reveal a few months ago:
  10. Fitz

    Top Gear

    conversation street is nothing compared to CELEBRITY BRAINCRASH! they'll bring it back for season 4 right?
  11. Fitz

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    ill liken you to black sabbath what.
  12. Fitz

    Happy Birthday Guzziguy

    you didnt died? congrats! happy birthday then!
  13. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    I'd definitely recommend giving it another shot. It's fundamentally still the same game and requires you to make your own goals, but the depth and polish has increased massively over the past few years. This is a great review of the current-ish (it came just before the 3.0 patch) state of Elite, particularly for VR
  14. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    Planets look fuckin' awesome in the new patch.