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  1. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    I do hope somebody comes out with a mod for the menus, my biggest frustration is in the buy or crafting menus it doesn't show how many of a given thing I already have (or I'm just blind).
  2. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    Well I'm playing on all low right now to get decent FPS on my card until people work out the best tweaks for performance, so I'm not really paying too much attention to visual fidelity right now. I'm using keyboard and mouse when on foot, and gamepad when flying the ship.
  3. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    Only was able to get a couple hours in with Starfield last night, but I'm digging what I've seen so far.
  4. The question is less about the possibility of faking it, than it is your track record for this kinda stuff. It's not like you're some random yahoo showing up with "proof"
  5. Do.. do they not know who you are?
  6. The key is that the thing being shoved into the hole is not too big, nor too small.
  7. Came home to find out my brake lights were stuck on. Apparently there's a little rubber disc that goes on the brake pedal arm that pushes the switch to shut off the brake lights when the pedal is up, and it disintegrated. Found the pieces of it on the floormat when I went to check the switch. Luckily I found a bolt laying around whose head was almost the exact thickness of the disc, so I just shoved that in the hole and now the brake lights work normally again. There wasn't room to get a nut on the back side (the side of the bolt is right against metal), but the pedal has to be pushed way down to even get it in or out, and it's relatively snug in there, so I guess this will be the permanent fix.
  8. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    In the famous wise words...
  9. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    While Baldur's Gate may not have a pre-established protagonist to follow across games, I do generally find it more rewarding to experience a series in order. Seeing the evolution and changes in a series is interesting to me, it's been one of the things I've enjoyed the most as I go back to the original FFs to play them in order.
  10. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    I mean, I'm definitely going to get it at some point, but I'll probably wait until I've played the previous titles (and maybe some of the other legendary CRPGs I've never played) before delving into it.
  11. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    High fantasy doesn't grip me the same way sci-fi does, so BG3 is an easier one for me to wait for a discount to get. I've preordered both Starfield premium and Phantom Liberty.
  12. And Russian propagandists are already literally painting it as terrorist attack. Apparently attacking military targets is now "terrorism"
  13. Miss you Matt, hope you're still calling Brent a dumfuck from the beyond.
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