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  1. Happy Birthday you old fart
  2. Bitch, that's a two hour video, and you didn't even link to a relevant timestamp?
  3. That's the trouble with these things indeed. I haven't had any noticeable issues with any past win10 updates myself, this is the first one that's given me trouble. Ironically I only ended up on 2004 because I did a clean install to get away from any old cruft in my system and ideally make everything run even better. Took some doing to get 1909 on a usb stick again since the win10 media creation tool only downloads the latest version.
  4. With 2004 I was having a lot of problems with the display driver crashing when I clicked the start menu (screen goes black for a couple seconds), and occasional random full system crashes when playing games. I couldn't nail down a solution to it besides reverting to 1909.
  5. Fitz

    Happy Birthday Creg!

    Happy Birthday Kreg!
  6. Electric fuel pump. Fortunately I didn't have to drop the tank, but I did have to take out the entire back seat and trunk liner, then work through an access hole that some galaxy brain at GM made about half an inch too small for the pump and locking ring to fit through.
  7. Spent the evening trying to figure out why my mom's car died in the middle of her driving it. I managed to track it down to the fuel pump, which was so much fun to actually replace, but it got the car running again.
  8. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    It's already been seven and a half years since the first trailer. A few more months while they work on bugs and final polish is fine with me.
  9. Well, it is in the sense that the necessity of something is inversely proportional to its likelihood of happening around here.
  10. Kerry Birthday, Happy!
  11. Dang, I would've figured we'd have already lost contact with Voyager 1 by now.
  12. I thought it was still just a territory.
  13. Fitz

    Get your game on!

    Persona 4 Golden has finally come to PC.
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