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  1. Get your game on!

    I'd definitely recommend giving it another shot. It's fundamentally still the same game and requires you to make your own goals, but the depth and polish has increased massively over the past few years. This is a great review of the current-ish (it came just before the 3.0 patch) state of Elite, particularly for VR
  2. Get your game on!

    Planets look fuckin' awesome in the new patch.
  3. Happy Birthday Fitz!

  4. Deals

    >implying you're not weird
  5. Deals

    Sorry, can't hear you over PC Master Race. Lalalalalalalala. Is mobile phone adblocking not on par with desktop? I'm not inclined to believe it. For TV sets it's still an issue sure, but nobody is watching youtube on those.
  6. Deals

    But that doesn't cost anything with ublock origin.
  7. And now what did you do TODAY?

    It's so tiny. How'd you even notice the babby?
  8. Post what you're watching

    If it's not on any of the usual suspects for streaming, then yeah DVD is the best bet. Just get the TV series though, the OVA sequel isn't nearly as good, from what I recall. Edit: It looks like the full series and OVA are officially on youtube for free from the american publisher, so no need to get the DVD necessarily.
  9. Hurricanes and Stuff

  10. Happy Birthday Postjack!

    This day would never happen on postjack's forum.
  11. Post what you're watching

    So he's bald and unfortunate looking, gotcha. You have to watch Tylor if you like One Punch Man though. It's an ongoing question whether he's just a lucky fool or the smartest man in the show.
  12. Hurricanes and Stuff

    Please let us know ASAP anything you hear from him with regards to this. I know it's not likely, but here's hoping his home was completely spared any damage.
  13. Post what you're watching

    Him in the plain drawn style, or in the more detailed style? Also, have you watched Irresponsible Captain Tylor? Saitama reminds me a lot of Tylor.
  14. Trilogy H1 electrostatic amp

    Feedback? *scoff* If I wanted your feedback I'd ask for it. Seriously though great work, man.