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  1. Have a buyer. Thanks everyone for your interest and consideration.
  2. In 2011 I bought everything needed for a D.I.Y. T2 ( except the chassis and the 4-gang attenuator or pot for level control) and had every intention of building the thing... but then I became disabled and unable to build it.... though I still fantasized that I would build it- somehow. Well, that clearly is never going to happen, and due to the situation I find myself in, I need to get the money back that I spent on these parts. I offered them to Birgir (Spritzer) but he doesn't need them; he suggested I offer them here. I have attached my T2 Bill of Materials with part numbers, price
  3. --NEVER MIND (but thanks if you intended to post!) I FOUND THE SCHEMATICS.- Sorry for being lazy.... can someone please post a link to the DIY T2 schematic (amp & power supply) I had them but lost them due to a bonehead / senile dementia disk mirroring error, and my searches for them have only yielded links to dead locations at Northwestern Univ. I suppose I could spend the time and read through every post in this topic, I'm sure they are here, but as I am old I fear I may expire before getting through all 185 pages of posts... t2schem-b.pdf t2schempower.pdf
  4. Thanks for the info. I had seen the Chinese PCB's and the Chinese pre-built boards on eBay. I am leery of going that route, not because I worry about quality but because there's something that seems - well, at the very least impolite- about someone selling Dr. Gilmore's designs commercially or even semi-commercially, without his permission and likely not compensating him in any way. Bad karma, probably. If I accumulate any more bad karma, it's likely that the rest of my hair will fall out or something even worse will fall off.... IN ANY EVENT, I found someone on Head-Fi w
  5. In the last 20 minutes I got the bug to build a Dynahi.... I admit I am confused about various versions / names of versions - some versions balanced , some symmetry-balanced, some using THAT340, older ones not, some with currently-available parts, original board based on old parts, etc..... First off: Did you end up with any extra dynahi boards of any description? Seems unlikely.... but I thought I'd ask Second: Failing that you have any boards- does anyone have any idea where I could get a dynahi board? I guess I am most interested in building an unbalanced version, similar t
  6. Here are several new knobs that were recently made for my stock, for use in various projects. Material: blue tiger-eye, labradorite, aventurine, agate. The aventurine one will be softly backlit as a pilot lamp. Opalized petrified wood knob under fabrication now....
  7. I'll post the blue tigers eye knobs once they're done. The process takes about 2 months....
  8. Red tiger eye knob (FYI not for T2) ...and a chunk of some nice blue tigers eye stone I just got, for to make more knobs....
  9. I bought a board set from jdineshk ; the power supply board is labeled version 1.1, and the amp board is labeled version .21 Is there a BOM that I can use with these? A schematic that matched would be good, too..... I've looked through this thread (albeit not exhaustively) and can't find anything I'm confident is a match. Thanks.
  10. I see so when Kevin mentioned "next board run" it was HIS board run- not a general run of boards that was being organized by someone.
  11. ...is there going to be a run of PCB's for Megatron?
  12. I haven't been following this thread but recently became interested....And now I have tried to read through the whole thread diligently.... I may have missed it, but is there going to be a group buy of amp and power supply PC boards for the Megatron? Again, excuse me if missed that but I just haven't seen any mention, except I read that Birgir has had a board (or boards?) made....
  13. Hey nattonrice, thanks for the COMPENDIUM OF BUILDERS' TIPS.... I am still mired down in other projects but when I finish building my T2 these will come in SUPER handy!!!!! OH, and congratulations to GeorgeP on completing his DIY T2
  14. I think sanding will produce more of a "brushed" final look. Reading more about aluminum surface finishes for architectural uses ( http://gjames.com/aluminium/surface-finishing ) I think what I want is a media blast followed by clear anodizing. Now I've got to find a place in the Chicago area that will do media blasting on one-off small jobs and then find a place to do the anodizing. That lower area- which actually stands out 1/8" from the rest of the panel- I am going to mirror polish that.
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