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The official Head Case broadcast thread


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  • 2 months later...

Making strides to getting back on the air.  First mater of consideration is where I'm going to set up a DJ rig.  The second is the time.  I think I'm going to still be on Fridays, but start an hour earlier.  That means 9PM-11PM Eastern, then of course nearly an hour of yammering on the mic afterward.

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Oof.  So I've spent ...entirely too long today working on getting a temporary (or "temporary" if one prefers) setup going.  It has been an uphill battle.  Long time listeners will remember I made use of a Native Instruments Traktor Audio 6 USB audio interface for years. 


It served as both the dual stereo outputs for my DJ software as well as the analogue inputs for Mixlr.  It died a slow and awkward death.  I have been trying to diagnose its issues today.  What I've learned so far:  The device is called an "Audio 6" because it has 6 stereo pairs: 3 in and 3 out.  They are grouped into "Main" "A" and "B.  The "Main" pair is completely shot.  I have not tested the Main inputs today, but given that they were the point of failure when I stopped using this unit, I suspect they have not magically un-fucked themselves.  In addition to that knowledge, I have also figured out that the Main ouputs are just as dead.  Both the Main RCA outs and the headphone jack (which is permanently routed to Main out) produce nothing but horrid, headphone destroying static. 

The good news is that output A and output B appear to be working.  This is a plus as I need a good 4channel USB DAC for this "temporary" setup, preferably one with RCA outs.  I haven't done a proper test with a DJ mixer yet, but so far the Audio 6 looks promising.  Unfortunately, that is the only good news.  I still have to find a space in a tiny room to set up my large-ish 19" DJ mixer, laptop and necessary USB audio widgets.  I also need at least one USB audio device with a working stereo pair of inputs.  In the past I have used an Onkyo MSE-U33HB which dates from the turn of the millennium and was primarily sold outside of the US:


Right before I moved, and again recently I confirmed that the output stage of my unit is dead.  It's probably something as simple as bad capacitors, but it's beyond my ability to fix them.  I need to rest the input stage and see if it's similarly dead.  If it isn't, I'm going to once again press the Onkyo into service as my Mixlr Box.  If it fails that test, I'm going to have to get creative.

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