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  1. iPhone 14 Pro Max next to the OG first gen. The longer you look, the worse it gets. AI does an oil change: Salma Kayak. Mamiya 645, Kodak Ektar. Meow.
  2. SMH look at this noob shoving his speakers in the corner like that. Everyone knows that's a bad idea! Do I have to put /s? I feel like I have to put /s.
  3. DJTJ's Twitter got hax0red. The tell was that he was making more sense than usual.
  4. Placing a turntable on top of a subwoofer is certainly a novel idea.
  5. Let's talk about exotic lenses. What a cute kitty. Taken with a Sony full frame body and a Meyer Optik Diaplan 100mm F/2.8. The Diaplan was sold as a projection lens, so it lacks an aperture. It's nearly identical to the Meyer Trioplan 100mm F/2.8, which is very expensive cult lens. The appeal of both is the "soap bubble" bokeh they produce. I am not convinced. Historically, Japanese photographers (the obsessive nuts who coined the term "bokeh") look down on strong rings on OOF highlights. They call that "nisen bokeh" and view it as a bad thing. I tend to agree with them. The Trioplan is a meh lens that's soft and not terribly contrasty wide open, and only okay once stopped down. There are far cheaper lenses with modern build quality available for a fraction of a price. To wit: There's a clean Trioplan 100mm F/2.8 on the 'bay right now, with its original carrying case (also clean). Seller wants $850. Bro, you can buy a real lens for that kind of money. Goddamn vidiots have driven up the price of old manuals to insane levels. [Knuckles, please not another vidiot rant.] Also on the 'bay is a completely new TTartisan 100mm F2.8 in M42 mount for $155 shipped. Don't be too surprised if I buy one of those in a couple months. On the other end of the spectrum: Mercedes car show. Taken with a full frame Sony body and their 14mm F/1.8G. That is a $1500 lens, and dare I say it a bargain for what it is. I'm not super familiar with Sony bodies, but their lens lineup is pretty spectacular. They make a 135mm F/1.8 that's superior to the legendary Canon 135mm F/2L. It's sharper and has (on paper) better color transmission. Snow in Yakitori Alley by Ben Torode on Flickr. Sony 135mm F/1.8 wide open. They also make a number of killer 35mm primes (my favorite focal length) including a $1200ish F/1.4, a significantly cheaper 35mm F1.8FE, and a Zeiss designed 35mm F/2.8 Sonnar. Sony 35mm F/1.8, wide open by Steven Kramer on Flickr. Alfa Romeo in Vancouver, taken with a Sony body and 35mm F/2.8 Sonnar, stopped down a bit. Bonus: Taken with the Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM at the wide end. Giving the Canon 16-35mm F/2.8L a run for its money. This is an audio snob site (at least on paper), and Sony's (to quote Kevin Gilmore) wireless drive-by-wire management is the stuff of legend. With that said, they are also an enormous company, and utterly dwarf Canon and especially diminutive Nikon. When they, you know, actually bother with their products they punch so hard it's scary.
  6. A cursed mix of AI,Photoshop, politics and professional wrestling: AI clearly thinks Joe Biden is Ric Flair.
  7. Speaking of man made horrors, this is Derna, Libya:
  8. CW: If you think feet are gross, skip this one. AI generated casting of the next Quentin Tarantino movie: Bonus, if one can call it that: Some things are best left unimagined.
  9. Over the last few weeks, I revisited a bunch of photos I took between 2006 and 2008, I posted a few taken with the first "modern" film body I owned, an EOS Rebel G as well as a Rebel K2 (which I recently resurrected.) I also took a bunch with a Dollar Store Camera and a Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, both of which are on the previous page of this thread. In the late 00s, I was not nearly as good at editing photos as I am now. Also editing software has gotten a lot better. Lastly, my eye has changed quite a bit. I'm both more and less forgiving toward the flaws of a given photo. First some previously covered ground: The Edgartown public library, November 2006. Dollar Store Camera, Kodak Gold 200. Pontiac GTO, Edgartown. 07/29/08 - 1:57PM. Vivitar UW&S, Ritz Crystal 200. These two ^ were my favorite shots with both cameras when I took them. Amherst, 07/14/08 - 8:07PM. Vivitar UW&S, Ritz Crystal 200. Hadley, 07/14/08 - 8:32PM. Vivitar UW&S, Ritz Crystal 200. Hadley, 07/14/08 - 8:17PM. Vivitar UW&S, Ritz Crystal 200. The EDG lighthouse and some dinghies, June 2007. Dollar Store Camera, Kodak Gold 200. I cannot imagine why I didn't like this photo enough in 2007 to pass on uploading it. Amherst, 07/11/08 - 6:25PM. Vivitar UW&S, Ritz Crystal 200. This shot required adjustments to the levels, colors and cropping. I'm not sure if that's a light leak or just the sky in the upper right of the image. I like it either way. Dollar Store Camera and Kodak Gold 200, October 2006. This one was a mess. I ran it through Topaz DeNoise AI and then adjusted the colors and levels in Photoshop. I do like the "half remembered dream" quality the DSC produces sometimes. Amherst, 07/14/08 - 8:05PM. Vivitar UW&S, Ritz Crystal 200. Foolishly pointing the Vivitar into the sunset. Its plastic lens did something amusing this time. Tune in next time for a bunch of re-edits of photos I took of Katherine the dancer in 2006.
  10. EDM fans are so bland. ULF self portrait. Click for slightly larger. Cursed woodstock: Cursed metal band: His true calling: The year is 2050, Todd Howard has just announced Skyrim to be released on the PS9. Rekt. Cannot dispute.
  11. We had a wild one here on MV yesterday. Driver was drunk and attempted to flee.
  12. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered is currently 87% off on Steam. It's been on my wishlist for ages. Furthermore, Never let it be said that the furry community passes on the opportunity for a joke.
  13. In the parlance of our times, wake up babe, the new 300mm Orestegor dropped. Not actually, that'd break my toe. With that said, I had a bunch of packages waiting for me at the post office today. The Janpol Color 55mm F/5.6 enlargement lens arrived. It's weird and have no idea what I'm doing with it yet. I also got a second copy of the Meyer Optik Orestegor 300mm F/4. If I had any doubts about the extent to which my old copy is afflicted with haze and fungus, they are now laid to rest. Allow me to illustrate: Old 300mm, around F/8. Edited in Photoshop to bring the contrast and colors up to acceptable levels. The same, unedited. The new 300, today, unedited. Shee-it.
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