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  1. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  2. Today in "no good deed goes unpunished" I divested myself of a bunch of things including a pair of JBL 630s from the mid 1980s. In the process, my wallet disappeared. I noticed it was missing when at the checkout of the local grocery store. Two calls later and neither place I'd visited had seen it. I've torn apart my house and my car, but it's just flat out missing. Great way to start the weekend.
  3. Man, my friend Brent (of Bluvessel fame, not fat head) is nuts: He's digitizing a a 1998 record with 500 locked grooves on it.
  4. The moon rising over a hill in California, engulfed in a wildfire.
  5. Today in Absolutely Trivial Slackivism: I have the Warcraft I & II bundle and Diablo + Hellfire bundles on my wishlist at GoG. I just removed both as I will now never buy them. ActiBlizzard is apparently worse than EA, Ubisoft and Riot combined.
  6. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  7. This is a bizarre video. It's about a very zoomer meme (amongus) but it's based on a boomer* film that's as old as I am. *The Pythons aren't actually boomers. They're all from the Silent Generation.
  8. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  9. I always wonder how people avoid breaking a toe on front positioned amps like that.
  10. Aye. I have a SteamLink and two Steam Controllers for which I paid less than the original price of one controller. IIRC the Link and the second controller were like $5 ea. + shipping. Valve is wacky company, drunk off its ass on the infinite money printer that is Steam. Gabe is passed TF out in a hammock next to some serene New Zealand beach, in what can only be described as a morbidly obese billionaire's food coma. He's largely a figurehead at Valve anyway, so the inmates are running the asylum there in Bellevue.
  11. https://store.steampowered.com/steamdeck I do not trust Valve when it comes to hardware.
  12. Tibetan woman holding Bitcoin mining PSUs. Little known SinglePower modded remote control.
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