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MP3player for kid?


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Bonnie is participating in a charity secret Santa at her work, It's pretty swinging, actually. Each employee gets to expense $100 for gifts for some disadvantaged kid. Bonnie's kid is a 13 year old girl. She wants some typical "girl stuff" and an MP3 player.

So, we need a circa $50 MP3 player.

A quick perusal of Amazon suggests the Sandisk Sansa. But I have no idea what features are valued by the typical 13 year old girl. I do notice that the Sansa doesn't appear to support AAC. Is that a big problem? Do kids buy music from iTunes? Is 8 GB big enough? Would 4 be enough? (4 GB Sansas come in cool colors. The 8 GB one seems to be only in Model-T Ford black.) What about the FM radio feature? Do kids care about that today? Does anybody? I assume that a kids could care less about a Micro SD expansion slot.

On Amazon, there seems to be Sansas and totally no-name Chinese models at this price point. Is there another brand we should look at? Didn't iRiver make a bunch of players in this price range at one time?


Paging anybody who knows a 13 year old.....

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Ah! Grahame's link carried the day. The current model seems to be the Sandisk Clip Sport, which is cheaper, comes in colors at 8 GB, and plays AAC.

Weird that Amazon is still selling old stock of the model before the model before last at higher prices than the current one. The lack of Rockbox-ability, maybe. No worries, I'm pretty sure Barbie don't Rockbox :-)

Thanks guys!

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