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  1. Deck nibbles* *Including Peach / Nectarine honey ricotta on toast
  2. You jest, but the organizers (would like to) thanked their sponsors, for making this (creekside Fridays) possible, and noted they were "just up the road, if you need their services" https://www.fernwood.com/ "Synergy", and knowing your target demographic, I presume. That, or it's a tax write off.
  3. Hello Tam Valley Community Center We are Pacific Standard ! This certainly ain't no TicketMaster / Live Nation venue And it's all for a good cause.
  4. I've (safely) Googled, so you don't have to. https://www.indyautoman.com/blog/what-is-a-scat-pack https://www.sunnysidechryslerdodge.com/research/scat-pack.htm But what you really want to know.
  5. Easy solution "Buy your mom an AI" - Tim Apple
  6. https://www.theverge.com/2024/6/10/24173603/wwdc-2024-live-blog-apple-event-ios-18-ai
  7. It's not just Artificial Intelligence, it's Apple Intelligence. Clever. Using the same initials, They can argue that every time anybody mentions AI they actually meant Apple Intelligence. "Intelligence, you and the NSA can trust"
  8. https://www.theverge.com/2024/6/10/24173603/wwdc-2024-live-blog-apple-event-ios-18-ai
  9. https://g.co/gemini/share/bf0eef74463a It's actually Tim Cook, not Tim Apple, who is the CEO of Apple. Predicting the exact number of times he'll mention AI is difficult, but here's what we can infer: * This year's WWDC is heavily rumored to focus on AI, with some calling it "the most important event for Apple in over a decade" regarding AI [2]. * Tim Cook has already emphasized Apple's focus on AI during the Q2 earnings call, hinting at potential WWDC announcements [4]. Therefore, it's safe to say Tim Cook will mention AI multiple times, possibly quite frequently throughout his keynote. https://www.theverge.com/2024/6/10/24171615/apple-ai-siri-wwdc-2024
  10. Like, hey, (Ffffffffft, woooooooh) Fairfax On The appropriately named redwood stage And then on the main stage Drones Hippies Hippy Chicks And doggies. Man.
  11. Earlier today (Home made Cream cheese, cinnamon and maple syrup schmear) Later today (Salted dark chocolate, @Good Earth, The line at scoop was too long for Joanne!)
  12. Ask a programmer to explain the difference of equality by value, And equality by identity / reference. Equality by Value can be user defined. So in an ideal world all humans would be equal, because they are all valued the same, even if they are different.
  13. I'm reminded of my time when I worked in Germany. As a native English speaker, I wasn't used to languages with gendered articles (Der, Die, Das), So having to learn if a table, or Beer, was masculine or feminine seemed somewhat arbitrary, and didn't "stick". My workaround was to refer to things in the plural, when possible, so I only had to remember das. Problem solved. Personal pronouns, particularly "You" were problematic. My company paid for German lessons with Berlitz, where they taught me "proper" / formal German. The formal pronoun for "you" is "Sie", for both the singular and plural (think, hey you, hey you guys). Which lead to one of my German co-workers (with a sense of humo(u)r ) always looking around / behind himself for other people, whenever I referred to him using "Sie". He explained he was more used to the informal/ familiar form, which has singular and plural versions. To avoid confusion, he helpfully explained it to me, in English using the instruction "You can say 'you' to me". What? Or in German sie kannst „Du" zu mir sagen. You can use (the informal version of) "you" to say to me. Apparently the informal/familiar version is used when addressing friends, animals and small children. I wonder how gendered pronouns are handled now. Has the Academy Français made a ruling?
  14. Are we talking obscure J/K/L pop bands? I assume you are talking about the (re)branded cloud putty? Like so? https://www.everythingbranded.com/product/cloud-putty-551469
  15. On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, I was on a boat. That I can confirm, arrived in San Francisco. Where there was a tech conference. Where AI was the buzzword du jour. I left a d-_-b prompt Hidden in plain sight Saw the tech they used to put on the show Call that a camera rig? And saw the filming of a spot, " live to tape" Can you tell the shiny presenters from the guests? I noticed a suspiciously named company, that DoTU, May need to restrain due to prior art. Maybe not. https://voltrondata.com/ Got some swag. And a SF choc ice from their marketing budget. It finished with a nerd party. That made me happy. Funnily enough, no one mentioned recent headlines. (Whatever you do, don't mention the data breach(es)) https://www.wired.com/story/snowflake-breach-advanced-auto-parts-lendingtree/ Saw Collin's San Francisco cousin. Then finished off my trip to the City by the bay by seeing sea lions. Lots of sea lions. Noisy buggers! PXL_20240607_003730227.mp4 All in all, a fun day out.
  16. Duly noted, Steve. If anyone would know good dick noir when they see it.
  17. Orzo Salad, with a pesto chicken topper.
  18. Orzo Salad (Hold the olives)
  19. Depends, do you have a bottle of Mac 30 and small hands?
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