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  1. Post Hike Corporate Chocolate Croissant ( @TMoney can provide more detailed telemetry on the hike ! )
  2. Had an observer, At the start of our walk round King Mountain this morning. You can Just see Salesforce tower / Eye of Sauron peeking over the fog on the right of frame.
  3. Happy Birthday, Wayne! Cheers!
  4. Santa Barbara Departure Brunch https://jeannines.com/
  5. Kyle's Cheesy Pig And a combo thai salad
  6. Breakfast Sandwich on Brioche baked farm egg, smoked cheddar, black pepper bacon, scallion butter The Elvis banana bread, peanut butter, black pepper bacon, wildflower honey https://www.helenaavenuebakery.com/about-2/
  7. You mean you can't use the digital crown to adjust it to a value more of your liking?
  8. The Elvis banana bread, peanut butter, black pepper bacon, wildflower honey Wildflower Honey Ricotta on Sourdough Toast Whipped ricotta on sourdough toast, California peach, bee pollen, basil https://www.helenaavenuebakery.com/about-2/
  9. "Putin Ally Dies After Falling Down Stairs on Day of Russia Mobilization" https://www.newsweek.com/putin-ally-dies-falling-down-stairs-day-russia-mobilization-1744944
  10. Lamb Burger Burrata Salad with Portobello
  11. Similar, settled on Ignored the talking heads ("what does it mean to you?") until they mostly let the event speak for itself with some minimal added context - plus some royal historians straight out of central casting, with insights of recent additions (like using naval ratings instead of horses to pull the gun carriage / coffin C.1901) https://inews.co.uk/news/why-royal-navy-towing-queens-coffin-history-funeral-tradition-why-no-horses-1858637 Pagentry, pomp and circumstance, and Joanne thought the choral music was on point. The gathering of the heads of state alone would have made it an historic event on the world stage. Definitely some poignant moments.
  12. All those strong men in uniform bearing a rigid Queen, Same thing?
  13. https://metro.co.uk/2022/09/18/gay-sauna-that-never-closes-will-show-queens-funeral-on-tv-instead-of-porn-17400071/
  14. Blood Free Banana Bread (& Latte) with the Brits.
  15. Happy Birthday, Stretch. Look what you have to look forward to ! https://www.georgiawines.com/ Have a great day.
  16. That is one big chonky boi outdoor unit. How many BTU's Or should that be FTU's ? (Freedom Thermal Units)
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