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Do not buy from Eddie Current. Stole my amp when I sent it in for repair.

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To make a long story short, I was banned from SuperBestAudioFriends.org  (eddie current fanboy club and circle jerk community) by their lord and savior Marv(Purrin) and ZeroFeedex(total bully, back when changstar existed he changed my avatar to an IRL photo he found online  from when I was younger and changed my username to my IRL name. He also constantly kept changing my user status to derogatory statuses that were insulting, all for simply voicing my opinion.) 

I was banned because I posted a thread explaining a situation about an amp I purchased second hand from Eddie Current asking for help to get the issue resolved. I was called a scammer and a liar and immediately banned.

Eddie Current (Craig and J Uthus) have possession of my Zana Duex S amplifier that I bought second hand and sent in for repair.

Let's forget all the Drama for now, here are the facts and solutions I have attempted to get the situation resolved.

I have:

Paid the $100 repair/warranty transfer fee.

Provided two shipping labels of 20lbs and 9lbs to have the amp shipped back to me.

Provided a potential buyer to sell the amp to and asked for a shipping quote to their location. ( since they initially offered to send the amp direct to the new owner since I was explained I was considering selling the amp) 

Offered to pay the shipping quote of $125 (insanity) from Fedex provided by Craig to just get it over with and have the amp returned to me.


They are no longer responding to my emails on any of my attempts to resolve the situation and as far as I can tell now have intentions to keep the amp.


Below is the all the drama for reference from what happened on SBAF, I was immediately banned and called a scammer. They edited my post and put up these 8 points to explain "what really happened". I will edit this post later to explain why what they said is bullshit, but anyway, this drama isn't what is important here.



    < link removed to protect Judeus>

    Let's go through the facts here. Judeus:
    1. Misrepresented himself as the original owner.
    2. Bought a used unit from somewhere (he says Audiogon, but I wouldn't believe anything he says)
    3. Said pots were loose and tried to self service. Opened amp from top, and pinched phono out wires when he tried to reassemble because he has no fucking clue how to do anything with amps.
    4. Consulted with MARV DIRECTLY. Marv mentioned the amps open from bottom.
    5. Used the fact that he first consulted with Marv to get 100% free repair service from Craig. Basically blaming Marv for his stupidity.
    6. Complained to PayPal about Craig wanting him to cover CDN to USD conversion, and other PP fees.
    7. Threatened Craig with Police action. Craig gave him address and phone number of Sheriff department for Calabasas.
    8. Refused shipment in two boxes (power supply always goes separate) to Canada using Fedex. Send a single waybill of his own from UPS to Craig for 20 lbs (does not cover weight.)

    Here is his post for your reference. Notice the lies and discrepancies:

    I want to start off by saying that I am reluctantly making this thread. I really didn't want to but Eddie Currents actions leave me no choice. Never in my life have i been so put off and disrespected as a customer in my life.

    So the story begins, I purchased a used Zana Duex S. I planned to buy one new initially, but I saw one online on Audigon and an opportunity to save a few bucks and get it a lot faster, so I thought, why not?

    Upon receiving the Zana Deux it appeared to be damaged in shipping. A lot of the screws had fallin out or were loose and some of the interior components were lose as well. Luckily when i first plugged the amp in after putting back and retightening the screws it worked for about the first two days I was in possesion of it for. Sadly, in the days following, when turning it on, I experienced weird distortion and unusually low volume from the headphone output.

    I contacted Craig from eddie current about the predicament and the first thing he told me was (i have the email) "im not sure what it could be, but if you can get it to me, I'll fix it." (i was unaware of eddie currents warranty policy at this point in time.)

    After a extensive email conversation with craig and replacing all the tubes to ensure they weren't the problem (as well as sending marv internal photos of the amp) i sent the amp back to craig to be repaired.

    Upon receiving he told me that i needed to send the tubes as well (all he told me to do was send the amp). I thought it was obvious after the extensive email convo we had and after waiting weeks on end for new tubes ( rectifier, driver and power) that they were obviously not the problem. Apparently that was not good enough for craig. Apparently they did not have any tubes available for use with the zana duex s and he wouldn't touch my amp until i sent my own tubes in. I found this a little hard to believe but i bit my tongue and indued the cost and sent my tubes in.

    To make a long story short, the tubes weren't the problem at all. He discovered the issue of the problem was a short between the left and right channels and the ground wire. Great i thought! Nothing major, i was expecting a hefty bill for a

    component replacement

    . He then sent me an


    for $100 warranty transfer and $128 to send the amp back to me. "What?" I thought thought to myself.

    I responded and explained he never mentioned any warranty transfer fee initially. (i admit this is my bad as it is clearly stated on the faq page of their site.) Still that shipping price seemed high and there wasnt any component replacement necessary. I explained to him my dismay and told him he should of mentioned to me the repair price and asked for a quote from a different courier and also to ship the item back in one box as opposed to two. (i said i would take responsibility if the a tube got broken as i didnt realy care as i had extras)

    He agreed to shipping the amp back in one box and he also then decided to get his wife(?) involved for some reason. She started blaming me for lieing and tampering with the amp. She said they owe me nothing and because im not the original owner, I owe $100 for craigs time. (again i admit this is my bad, probably should of read their policy).

    I asked if i could send them my own label as their quote seemed ridiculous. They agreed initially . (i called fedex and it would only cost $78 to to ship a 20 and 9 pound parcel, so they are trying to profit off shipping costs. This is without a small business discount as well) They also wanted me to pay an extra 4% to cover the paypal fee as well.

    At this point i wad pretty pissed and told her how ridiculous and unprofessional she was being, i also told them charging customers paypal fees is against their policy. I also said i would be selling the amp due to the customer service i received, despite loving the amps sound.

    Reluctantly, I sent the $100 to craig and printed my own label from UPS (which only cost $39) I then sent the label and customs form to them. (im in Canada)

    I then get a response from his wife saying they wont send me the amp back and will only ship it to the new owner once i sell it. They are doing this to "help me out" since i "can't afford the amp" she told me.. what?? Also she said that because i listed the amp lower then it's worth on the customs


    , im a lier and they wont take that risk. (despite them listing it at lower value when sending to customers) How would they have liked it if I returned the amp to them with a customs value of $2348 and they had to pay tax on it? I bet they would of refused it and had it returned to me. She also said craig redacted his "offer" and will only send it in 2 boxes.

    So yeah, they are now holding my amp hostage and wont return my emails.

    I have paid the $100 fee and provided the return label. Not really sure what im supposed to do, i already told her id contact the police.

    I know this community loves eddie current so i was reluctant to post this.

    Maybe Marv could talk to them? Or if anyone wants to buy it off me? Please pm me

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sorry for your troubles, but this isn't the right forum for this.  Try head-fi, or hire a lawyer.

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