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UE10pro cable


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I have an older pair of UEpro10 that I got probably around 11 years ago. I found them doing some spring cleaning today and I remember that I stopped using them because the cable had frayed and it was intermittent.  I never got around to get a replacement (!) and forgot about them in a box.

Recently, I've been looking around for cable, and on Amazon there was a possibility, I ordered the cable, but unfortunately the connector is not compatible. (Too big).  Anyone has any suggestions for where to order? I looked at UE, but could not find it, odd.

On a side note, wow the other day I was looking at IEMs and this market has really exploded. I have been out of the audio loop for quite a while. ha!

Cheers and thanks for any suggestions.

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TN, good luck with the move!

On a related note, I remembered I had a pair of UE triple fi and took the cable off to see if fits and it didn't. Now is the westone or JH cable an alternative still given that the UE triple fi cable did not fit? thanks. The UE10pro that i have use a smaller connector.

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So chatted with JH audio and they are positive that their iem cable will work, so order placed.


Now I am thinking of JH13 or JH16.... ha ha

Last I remembered some people had fit issues and also the earphones will break frequently? Is this recollection accurate?

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