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Don't Laugh: Cerwin Vega VS-150


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So... I've kinda inherited my late father-in-law's main speakers, some Cerwin Vegas VS-150's. Anyone have any info on these? Anyone have something like this before getting into audiophiledom? I know he'd gotten a great deal on 'em back in the day, but had hooked them up with cheap cable... as in, 10$ walmart lamp-cable > this cable. I hooked up my uber-pimptasticalicious .50cent 8ft (b/c we all know 8ft is the magic number, right?) heavy duty replacement cord (who needs extension cord when you can get REPLACEMENT cord) for power tools. With my free receiver (Motorola DCP-501... yes, its a cable box/receiver/DVD player all in one, but it's about 15 ft^3 (exaggeration, slight), and it has individually shielded opamps from the people who made the t-amp ones... forget the name) and with my 19.99$ Toshiba SD-3950 or my 29.88$ Toshiba SD-3960 and my 10$ Acoustic Research RCA's, I think I have a pretty killer 41$ setup (speakers flanking my old school SD 4:3 50" Magnavox big screen TV). It's retrotastic, for under 50$. The room is pretty big (19'7"x21'7"), so its not overly overpowering....

You know... I typed all that out for some reason sober... time to start drinking. I think there might be a question in there somewhere... if you can find it, lmk what you think...


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