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  1. Hope you've had a fantastic day of buying stuff for your birthday, Jeff!
  2. Hopefully you get a level bump for your level bump!
  3. Of course I have it; let's play. Hit me up later.
  4. Hahaha. Colin played with me and a couple guys the other day. He played as a Level 6 medic (hahaha, right?) I think everyone died. The pubs left after about 2 rounds. @Knuckledragger - LMK if you want to kill floors. I'll get the people who know how to play to join up, and can hop on our Discord server so you don't have to deal with that pesky in-game audio.
  5. Happy birthday, Knucks! When are you going to start gaming again?
  6. Stupid Colin's vintage PC (4790k + GTX 970) can only play vintage games, so...
  7. Also, the new Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 (or something like that) may work well for younger kids, though may not do as well with the older ones (teens + adults.) But, we're not who it's aimed at. https://www.polygon.com/reviews/2019/11/6/20951521/mario-sonic-at-the-olympic-games-tokyo-2020-review-events-characters-switch There are a lot of games like 1-2-Switch that I haven't used, or aren't too aware of, but the library is vast, and I imagine some of the old Wii games would be great. My kids always loved playing Tennis with my mom (about a 50+ year difference in ages; all had a blast.) Also, I prefer getting the games on cards, as opposed to digital downloads. It lets you change them out in case you get another Switch down the road and have multiple accounts (see above re: I have two switches (across 4 people).)
  8. Hey! Sorry, looks like I missed this. The older XBox had something called Kinect, which had cameras and IR and whatnot, and that was used more for those types of games; they discontinued that a while ago. For the "get the kids to sweat/active" games, I really enjoy VR for that. I played a boxing game and after a while of that, I was legit sore. That's a bit higher of a barrier to entry, though. There is a Playstation VR setup, but the ones we really like are typically PC based. Now, as was previously mentioned, the Switch is a great, kid-friendly/kid-centric system that adults can use as well. A fun, active game is "Dance Party 20xx" (2020 just recently came out, and it's just 30$ right now.) For that one, you can use the controllers that came with it, but probably a good idea to get a spare set of controllers (2 for about 68$ on sale) that let you have mini controllers for more people to enjoy, or you can also use them to play 4-player games (Mario Party/Super Smash Brothers/Mario Kart are some favorites of many.) Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure for Switch is probably the thing you'd be most interested in. Also, there is a "Switch" and a "Switch Lite." Don't do the Switch Lite. It's a little cheaper, but doesn't have the removeable controllers, so it's a bit limited for what you're wanting. I have two Switches, 7-10 games, extra controllers, etc. Don't use it much, but have enjoyed it a good bit when I do. TL;DR: Get a Switch, Ring Fit Adventure, Dance Party 2020, and maybe a game or two you'd like to play
  9. Logitech Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force G29 Gaming Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Z0UWWYC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_87i8DbW615E1V If you're talking about the Playseat Evolution, I think Chris may have had that for a few hours before realizing he needed to upgrade. May could at least get started on the Mac with Windows. I'm sure you'll have better luck than Jeff. I don't think he ever figured out how to install the games, poor guy.
  10. So Shelly, if you want something, this is the place to start. Great price (nigh upon disposable price.) It's "good enough", a virtual standard, easy to set up, and works with PS4 and PC (for when you get a PC later this week.) When you decide "stand" vs "racing rig", LMK.
  11. Shelly, did you return your Logitech G27 you bought about 4 years ago? Did you even open it? If so, and you liked it (but got rid of it), the Logitech G29 is going to be a great starter wheel/pedal combo. It will work with PS4 and PC, should you make the jump. Now, what TV/monitor do you want to play on? Do you want just a stand and to use it on the couch with a TV, or do you want a proper setup?
  12. This doesn't concern you, quitter!
  13. Hey Shelly! Can't wait to see you! Unfortunately, PS4 isn't going to work with us; we don't have any racing games that work with both PC and PS4 together, but if you're in the market for a PC that will work, let us know. For wheels/pedals, how Head-Case are you wanting to get?
  14. Get your mic fixed, bitch! Need to hear that sultry voice as I'm passing through your race line as supplemental braking.
  15. Happy birthday, slacker. Hope you get some new Grados.
  16. Happy birthday, neighbor! Great thing about opening a 52 year old bottle is you can do a nice 25 and just claim you're dyslexic.
  17. Happy belated Thursday, Racer boi! If I can get a machine working, I may even let you beat me in a race once as a gift.
  18. Love how much traction MLB got here this year. I think the Nats were my quaternary team in the NL, after Braves, Cubs, Giants, but now that they've won, I guess I'll just care even less. (Mainly, I liked their hats, and seeming, I like their chanting fan base.) Sorry for your loss, Shelly!
  19. But they're on sale right now; it's all I can afford. Seattle's bloody expensive, I mean, I have to pay for power for 31 days this month.
  20. I already invited him to come up to Seattle and move into Colin's guest room; haven't heard back yet. Will let Colin know once he gets a knock on the door saying "I'm here to drink all your whiskey; where's it at?"
  21. When I asked for my first Beatles album, I asked for the Beatles Anthology Vol 1. My mom basically said "that's dumb" and gave me a copy of Sgt. Pepper's. A few years later, I got into The Flaming Lips. Of course, they covered Sgt Pepper in it's entirety, and I wound up with an autographed version of that on vinyl. Gonna spin this version in your honour today. Happy birthday, my fiend!
  22. Heh. Thanks to talking to @TMoney last night when I should have been asleep, I got the audiobook of Why We Sleep. Gonna give it a spin at work while I'm up at this un-Satanly hour. 4:30 is too bloody early for this historic night owl.
  23. House of 1,000 Corpses was the first movie Zoe ever went to in theatres (at 6 months old.) I wound up watching that movie 50-100 times, and definitely appreciated the Captain. RIP, Sid.
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