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Probably stupid question -- olive-based liquor?

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No, not as a garnish...you know how vodka is fermented potatoes, and wine is fermented grapes, and beer is fermented...uh...barley? I think beer is a family of fermented things, there's rice beer, and barley beer, and wheat beer, and so on...and tequila is fermented agave -- so is there one that's fermented olives? I had a really good olive last night, and I imagine it would be good, but perhaps there's something about it which prevents it from happening (quantity?).

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With all of the examples you gave, they all contain starchy sugars. Yeast eats the sugar and excretes alcohol. I doubt olives contain the necessary sugars.

Now, you could use olives for no more than a flavouring agent, but you would have to use something else with the required sugars to produce the alcohol.

Somehow, my idea of the resulting flavour doesn't float my boat.


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