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    Bought my 1st Stereo system from Crazy Eddie, who reminded me of Peter Faulk
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    Computers, Computer Audio, Archeology, All Things Scientific
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    Health Professional
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    Audio, Building Computers, Pens, Watches, Photography, Video, Bicycles, Knives
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    650s, 880s, 701s, PK1s PX100, PX200 (not nearly as good as the 100s)
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    M^3 (2), GS-1, Woo3, Portaphile Maxxed, Hornet, Assorted defective Little Dots
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    North Star 192 MKII, Pico DAC, Constatine USB, Stello DA100, DAC-AH, Zhaolu D2, Fuze, Clip, MobiBLU
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    Mostly sitting around unused since the computer hobby

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  1. They're just a really good pair of 880s... (that are a little too heavy and clamp a little to hard) And I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but I tried them with the Woo3 I originally bought for my 880s and found the Woo had the same synergy with the T-1s. Now the T-1s sound like a nice pair of headphones. Still "unimpressive", but much nicer with the Woo than either of my SSs. So now what? A better Woo? One more gripe and I'm done... There's a spot on top of my head that is starting to feel like I've been wearing the 701s again..... I don't know what Beyer was thinking with these headphones? USG
  2. HiFace needs a support of some kind to relieve stress on the USB port Blue Circle Thingee
  3. I've been listening to the T-1s for a few days and I'm in agreement with Asr. IMHO, the T-1s are nothing more than upgraded 880s and share the same sound signature. They have less bass, but more soundstage, transparency, and detail. If you like 880s you will probably recognize the T-1s as an upgrade and like them too. Unfortunately, they are not the order of magnitude better that their price implies. I think they are over hyped and over priced at $1300. If 880s can be had for $249 on ebay, these should go for around $500. One thing I didn't care for with the T-1s was that they were not very good for the low level listening I usually do. When I turned down the volume, the mids faded out, disproportionately to the top and the already sparse bottom diminished even further, throwing off the tonal balance. Another thing I didn't care for (with low level listening) was a seemingly exaggerated sense of dynamic range. What I mean is that the quieter sounds became difficult to hear and the louder sounds seemed too pronounced. Again, the balance was restored as I increased the volume but I never noticed this problem with 650s or 880s. Are they worth keeping? Sure, if you don't mind spending the money. Btw, very nice review Ari. [stuff used: Laptop > Hiface/Thingee > North Star MKII > 2 box M^3/GS-1]
  4. Canon G7 Looking across Central Park toward the George Washington Bridge Piermont NY
  5. I hope it's much better than the converter they put in the Stello DA100... USG
  6. Maybe a MOD might want to move this thread to the Casino for obvious reasons? USG
  7. A day late and a dollar short..... Grid lock from the UN meeting on Thurs. Nothing was moving, except the cruise boat. About 30 of NYs finest were protecting the corner of 3rd Ave and 34th St during the UN meeting. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few, They must have done a good job because the corner was still there when I went home later that evening. USG
  8. I'm still not being clear. By the "dark side" I mean leaning toward what many of you consider to be the negative aspects of analytical. A little etched, enhanced micro details and air etc. USG
  9. Dusty C- Some clarification. I am actually interested in a high quality amp that leans toward the "dark side" of analytical. USG
  10. Apparently I was not clear. Appologies. USG
  11. Hiya Stretch I have a GS-1 and 2 penguin M^3s, but I think you're right, another GS-1 is probably going to be the way to go. I tried rolling 8610s, 8065s, 637/627s and 843s into the penguin/sigma but the GS-1 is more of what I'm looking for. TK- I wish I knew someone who could build a B22 as fast as Justin can get me another GS-1, but I think Stretch is right about getting another GS-1 and done. N- I never heard a P-1 so I'm reluctant......... T- Never heard the GR so I can't comment, but maybe the North Star isn't analytical enough? USG
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