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Best Online To Do List?

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I really haven't seen the current version of BackPackIt so I can't really speak on it, but the version I last used presented paid functionality all over the free version (then revealing itself as requiring payment), which is a bad GUI choice IMO, coupled with the then Milk & Todoist Gmail (and Goog domain hosted/Google Apps accounts) integration switched me over. I probably could be happy with any though (tags, if used properly, can obviously make things quite extensible). Also to be honest I probably use the desktop TaskPaper more than an online solution, simply because I tend to have quick lists that finish themselves off rapidly. I go online more often when I running across platforms on a long-term job. And if I had a more complex need I'd probably go to a full-featured GTD solution anyway, but my tasks are pretty simple.

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I guess I should toss in here for anyone who works visually and looking for an unusual approach, if the online requirement is dropped (for most editions), the personal version (at lowest level free) of The Brain could also be worth looking into. I occasionally use it for specific projects and want to like it more... ;)

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Does it have to be online?

Yes, I think so. Basically, I'm looking for a way to centralize and coordinate across platforms with my wife the info and tasks needed for closing on our apartment and the associated move and tasks, etc. Backpackit appeals to me because it appears to include central repository functionality for documents (purchase agreement, floorplans, etc.), as well as more robust project management.

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