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  1. Today I decided to check up on all of you. Glad to see most of old timers are still posting
  2. I will try to make it! I am graduating 2 days before this so I will probably be drunk somewhere. However my shop is only 10 minutes away so I'll probably be forced to be in the area anyway.
  3. Its been way too long since I have seen any of you guys. Last time we drank together was actually my 21st birthday over a year ago! I am finishing finals on Dec 21st and would love to get a drink with all of you local troublemakers. Lets plan what day works best for everyone and do something before the year ends. I will be free any evening after Dec 22nd!
  4. I am up for anything that has to do with HC crew and racing!
  5. Dinny, did you get home alright? I knew you had enough when your eyes were sweating at Spuyten Duyvil lol
  6. Last night was awesome! Thanks everyone!
  7. 5PM is pretty damn early! I am gonna try to get there as early as I can, but can't promise it'll be before 7pm.
  8. I still act like I am 17, but fortunately Uncle Sam does not count mental age so I can finally retire my brother's old ID . I am 100% there. Just tell me time and location.
  9. Our family friend's father died the same way about a year ago. RIP
  10. ZOMG!!! I am turning legal in 12 minutes and havent seen you guys in EVER!!! This will be THE perfect birthday weekend get together... if I get invited of course
  11. Monkey, I am alright. Been working all summer and got into a new hobby (cars) so not much time is spent on other stuff. We gotta grab a beer any time after Sept 21st, havent seen you in ages!
  12. Today I decided to see what all of you misfits have been up to. Glad to see nothing has changed.
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