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update transistor amplifier V3.0 to V4.0 from www.high-amp.de

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To all the owners of a transistor amplifier V3.0 from http://www.high-amp.de out there in the world. Here is a support how to update your amplifier to the version 4.0 that will be coming out soon. The items below are refered to the following schematic:


- replace the four resistors R07x and R08x with 51K/1W resistors to increase the current in the second stage to 4mA

- replace the two resistors R11x with 200 ohm resistors to increase the current in the last stage to 15mA

- replace the resistors R56, R57 by a constant voltage source as shown below (one per chanel)

- If you are using the 2SC5466 in the last stage replace it by the 2SC5353 (Q06x).

The 2SC5466 can not handle 15mA because of the nonlinear hfe-curve above 10mA (bad performance especially in high frequencies, missing resolution).

What do you have to expect from the update?

You will improve your amplifier significant to a very fine resolution over the complete frequency range with very deep and structured basses and an excellent reproduction of high frequencies. I would warmly recommend to you to perform this update. You won't regret.

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dude that is awesome. i only have 51k/10w resistors though. can i cut them in 10 pieces and use the individual pieces?

i cant wait to have very deep and structured basses. i dont want to regret. please respond fastly. ok?

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There's no need to haze a MOT who's just here to tell people how to update existing products for free. I don't know that anyone here has one of those amps, but there's no harm in this information, I think.

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