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  1. Davidoff Classic. Used to smoke Marlboro Red 100s until a couple of years ago when they ruined the taste here. Interesting thread. I wanted to try a pipe for some time now, and now I'm leaning forward to it.
  2. If you still haven't bought him anything yet you could try these Sennheiser IE 8 Review - Headphones. They cost ~400$ in US but you could order them from Europe Sennheiser IE 8 Portable - computeruniverse.net for much less. They have adjustable bass and many people who has them are finding them bass heavy even on minimum level. I should be getting mine soon so I'll post impressions if it helps.
  3. Well, my first rig was basically created this year: Headphones: HD595 (destroyed) D2000 K81DJ (sold) SkullCandy SK Pro (ugh...sold) Bose Triport AE (just had to try them) K701 Earphones: se530 (sold) C751 IE8 (incoming) ADDIEM (incoming) AMP: X-can v8 Sources: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series Hardcore Ultra Limited Anniversary Edition Alpha 3...or something like that Sony NWZ-A826 iPhone 3G (incoming) Next year I'm planing to do some re-cabling , get SR-Lambda/SRD-7 Pro combo , MS Pro and W5000 (and after that get some tranquilizer
  4. .BB

    Diablo 3

    That kind of character is a classic for the series (although i personally don't like 'em very much) so there's no fear for that.
  5. I don't like surround setups at all, they sound strange to my ears. I didn't try anything beyond 2000$ though so maybe there's something that i would like but can't afford right now. These MGM's have frequency response 50 - 24 kHz
  6. Those Magnepan MGM's look really interesting and they're pretty affordable IMO. Are they supposed to be used with a sub or not? Never had ribbon speakers so I'm not informed well.
  7. This could be a very good potential guide when they finish the testing. Interesting read.
  8. .BB

    Diablo 3

    Only three classes for now. Assassin would be cool too since it was really refreshing class in LOD. If not included in originally announced 5 classes I'm sure they'll put it in some expansion pack.
  9. .BB

    Diablo 3

    Thanks for the welcome, and go see the videos when you have time. I don't know if you guys have seen the t-sheart that's on petition to be included in legendary edition [ame=http://www.diablofans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15849]The Diablo 3 Rainbow T-Shirt Survey - Diablo 3 News Forums[/ame] It's hilarious, in a good way, and it got my vote:D
  10. .BB

    Diablo 3

    Hi there! Where's a better place to start posting (in audio forum) than in Diablo 3 thread right? Hardcore fan here too. I liked the story of the first, but gameplay is horrible going back from second after passing it for the 56st time in a row. The third looks really cool although i hope that they'll make it a little darker (like the Diablo 2) BTW, have you seen the new class the Wizard? My favorite in Diablo 2 was the Sorceress and i'm assuming that these two will be similar. I'm not particularly good with English so let me know if i'm wrong.
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