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  1. If you don't register properly, you won't have access to the tech. spec. and frequency curves for your particular pair - I would try again if I were you. Andthe person who really has the headphones with the number you registered won't get his results either.
  2. Actually the rule is that you can't take liquids through security - when you have passed through and are in the air-side shopping mall you can buy as much as you like to take on board But - this thread has gotten way off topic............. So, to get it back on track again, I have heard that a batch of HD 800 will be released from the factory in a few days and shortly after that the local Sennheiser distributors will know when to expect their first shipments.
  3. If headphones are looked after they will last ages - all that is normally needed are earpads and (possibly) headband pads, these just wear naturally with use. Anything else would be breakage or damage. But in normal use they would never need servicing at all - just the user replacing earpads every fer years. My own HD 25-1 are 20 years old - everything is original, except they are now on their 4th pair of earpads. And I do have older headphones in my collection.
  4. Sennheiser's website says March / April and that is the only info. I have. I spoke to the Product Manager in Germany on Thursday when Sennheiser UK did the UK Press Event at the O2 in London. He says it's still on course for these dates. That's all I know. I'm as impatient as the rest of you as I want my own pair. I have heard the pre-production sets that Sennheiser UK have, but these will be doing the rounds of the dealers and I have to wait like the rest of you. (PS- there are two "t"s in Willett)
  5. Obviously written by someone who has not seen that last episode.
  6. Now, that's a nice pair of monitor loudspeakers - I have the active version, myself.
  7. Good scotch is very dangerous stuff - I made the mistake of buying a
  8. Be careful with this stuff - the art is in getting the right balance between reflection and absorption. That's about 9 bottles of the stuff I drink.
  9. Yes, it freezes your manhood (sorry, couldn't resist)
  10. No it's not - it's related to the PXC 350/450 but without the ANR. My favourite Sennheiser closed cans were always the HD 250 Mk.I when it came to the reproduction of music (now sadly discontinued even the Mk.II ).
  11. Bob Dylan - 1963 vintage - on BBC 4
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