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    AKG K1000, Grado RS-1 (with flats), recabled/rewired AKG K340 (needs dynamic driver), Ultrasone Proline 750 (balanced + recabled), Chocolate Donut MkII, Grado SR-225 (balanced), [SOLD Sennheiser HD650]
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    Balanced beta22, CKKIII
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    modded denon 2900 (pw. 7062), apogee mini-dac (usb), Sony ST-S211 (tuner), Acer Aspire Revo R3600 (pc), Buffalo 32S, TeraLink-X
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    Furman IT-Reference 16E, Furman AC-210E power conditioner / surge protector, capacitor bank for 12V dc, diy occ Xhadow xlr terminated interconnects

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  1. copied from the manual at http://soekris.dk/download/dac1101/dac1101_manual.pdf "6.3 mm Jack: is for connecting to a set of headphones, almost any type can be used, the loading impedance should be minimum 16 ohm, high impedance types work very well. The dac1101 is able to output minimum 3.5V RMS into 32 ohm or higher, in power that is 400 mW into 32 ohm, 120mW into 100 ohm or 40 mW into 300 ohm. " "USB Powered DAC / Headamp Discrete R-2R Sign Magnitude DAC" "Output Headphones 6.3mm Phono, 3.5V RMS, Zout 3R" http://soekris.dk/dac1101.html I don`t have a spare amp, the beta22 is innaccesible at present.
  2. Hi Dusty, I mentioned hiss, as with the dac1101 whenever audio is played and for 5 seconds thereafter there is clearly audible white noise style hiss. This is independant of what is being played and does not reproduce when using the motherboards inbuilt audio. hiss present but greatly diminished when using my ATH-ANC7b (300ohm impedance) headphones, the SRH-1540 headphones have a 46ohm impedance. the SRH-1540 is my regular listen (so comfy and sounds better at low volumes)
  3. I`d appreciate some help I am looking for a usb powered 'dac/amp' to feed a pair of srh1540 headphones, low volume listening, no background hiss and sounds good with linux (youtube, podcasts, radio, cd`s ripped to flac/wav). I currently use the motherboards onboard audio which is a 'TI ne5532' amp chip. This does well with very low background noise but audio could be bettered. have just been using a soekris dac1101 but find it to have audible background hiss when outputing audio (this cuts off shortly after no audio is being pushed). budget of $800 or less top of my list to try currently is an 'IFI Micro iDSD Black Label', thoughts on this and others to try would be most welcome.
  4. any recommendations for low cost or free EQ software that handles an 80dB range with more than 10 adjustable frequencies ? for OS X 10.8 or Windows7 I was looking for a means to evaluate my comparative sensitivity to different frequencies across the audible spectrum, found this site and gave it a go. http://www.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/hearing.html the range indicated seems to be over 75 dB (image attached below) I use both a mac ( OSX 10.8 ) and a pc ( Windows7 ) I would like to experience whether EQ'ing my systems to meet my seeming audio sensitivity/insensitivity will be good or not. audio sources will be games, youtube, soundcloud and likely some other files as well as possibly text to speech so a full system EQ. any help appreciated p.s. I may not be able to respond in a timely manner, that I can type this much is extremely rare.
  5. Anyone know of a portable sound recorder that lets you rewind and playback events from a live recording while still recording the main track? This is an ability that may help me when expressing my thoughts in discussions, it will be voice recording and on a budget of £200 ($300) or less. Something digital with inbuilt speaker would be what I'd need. Douglas p.s. I won't be able to converse much
  6. The Vista reliability problem got solved once I installed the C-media driver rather than the default vista one - it is no longer buggy. Sound quality is still less impressive than I get natively in linux but good enough for light gaming and background/burn-in music. Playing via Linux remains the way I listen to flac/streamed music
  7. good catch, I`m out by a factor of ten , I`ll fix that luvdunhill, the zobel is getting added prior to the beta22 feeding a stax bias box and just in case for the load of a k1000 (if one crosses my path )
  8. This is for use on my balanced beta22, the zobel networks described at amb`s beta22 site are: 22Ω 2W 5% metal oxide power resistor and 0.047
  9. well written Steve no negatives here
  10. Spiug31

    Audeze LCD-2

    So I don`t have to squint so much again, at the top of the graph is: Sinusoidal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-24-2010 11:45:46 AM and the top line of print below the graph: CHA dBSPL . . .Resolution 1/48 Octave . . .Smooth 1/3 Octave . . .Sampling 96kHz . . .Dist Rise [dB] 30.00 I can`t focus beyond that. for those that didn`t know (like me)
  11. Spiug31

    Audeze LCD-2

    when possible, some impressions of it balanced from a beta22 / GS-X please that low volume, low frequency linearity looks to be something I`d like to hear.
  12. For mine when the fan is off its very quite (not silent), the fan is almost never off and depending on speed it can really get quite noisy (I`d prefer to build a fanless or single large fan alternative rather than get another Revo 3600).
  13. ^ (Fighters Fight the Fight For their home and their heart We fighters will win or die Forever we are Brunnen-G)
  14. any Magnum vs k1000 impressions (preferably balanced and driven by a beta22) ?
  15. just a note to say I am using the "Teralink-X" at present (reinterpreting usb into spdif/bnc to feed the buffalo), it is still settling in but currently is at around 80 hours playing time. In windows vista it has been and is buggy, sometimes it just doesn`t output a digital feed, don`t know why as the pc clearly shows it is recognised and being fed the audio :shrug: . In Linux (Opensuse 11.2, my main OS) it has shown no bugs and is fully plug and play
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