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  1. Never was. Don't argue nonsense in a technical discussion.
  2. I guess a square wave test using a srd7 and a decent amp Is in order. Add a srm1 mkIi just for reference. These two Setups are pretty much the rivals for this amp.
  3. Here in SW Tennessee the metro Memphis area is a real Shooting gallery. Youngsters stealing cars are common. And they use those cars in robberies and drive by shootings. Morning newscasts are depressing.
  4. Crucible of hell. Details the invasion of Okinawa. Lot's of detail from people that were there on both sides. One of the worst battles of the war. I was stationed in Okinowa for a year in the mid 70's. It was an eye opening experience for a 19 year old from a rural area of Iowa.
  5. Patriot missles on their way to Ukraine? Far as I know that means U.S. support on the ground to operate it. This could get ugly fast.
  6. I guess if a bored ape is worth thousands, why not? NFT stuff is a joke, so this is just another chapter. Maybe you can get $$$ for your "parody". You never know until, you try.
  7. So I bought something at CVS yesterday. I didn't know they were Going to sacrifice a tree.
  8. Modern trikes seem to be all over the place now. Most seem to be the ones with both two wheels up front. That sidecar looks like a deathtrap.
  9. I'm being pelted by Medicare offers. Calls, emails, mail offers every day. Starting to get those final resting place ads as well. Getting old sucks.
  10. I used to buy odds and ends for work at the Irving Tx location. There is still is a Microcenter in Dallas. Their customer service is so much better than Fry's ever was.
  11. Why is there still a sports illustrated? Why a sexist swimsuit issue trying to be all woke with a heavier cover girl? I thought the internet would make all this go away. Instead they are doubling down. It's 2022, where are all the flying cars at?
  12. There may be a few more targeted attacks. In the IT dept I worked in last year, we had a 60" TV displaying attempted network intrusions. The topmost country was always China by far. Russia was always between 2-5 on the list. Russia will no doubt move up the list, but they would have a hard time becoming number one. The big issue in any IT dept is people based. Careless browsing, people bringing In unsecured laptops from outside. And the fact that HR never told us when someone left. We had a ton of accounts active that should of been suspended. With office 365, they could still use their email months after they left.
  13. Working on modern cars is always an injury waiting to happen. Busted knuckles are part of the process. I'm not looking forward to changing sparkplugs on the v6 Camry. The cowl and the intake manifold need to come off. I try to use mechanic gloves, but at some point they come off to get that hard to reach bolt out. And then you find that sharp edge.
  14. I have been watching all of it closely. My younger son is deployed In Kuwait in an Army air support group. They are prepped for sudden redeployment as needed.
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